Road Trip

Today I’m taking a much-anticipated road trip. We are packing up my car and a bunch of us are headed to Millbrook to our favourite little flannel store! I can’t wait! I can hardly sleep. This trip I’m going to hit up the quilting cotton store as well to get some fun prints to start adding to my stash. My biggest issues is figuring out how much of each I should get. If I get 1/4 metre of each then I can get more variety. However, if I get 1/2 metre or full metre then I can do more with each piece. Oh man the trouble I will face today!!! Watch out Quilts n’ Critters here we come!

As an added bonus we will be stopping at our favourite little bakery for lunch. The Pastry Peddler ( just happens to be a couple of doors down from the fabric store!

When you go fabric shopping do you go with a specific amount of fabric in mind? Are you a hoarder? Or do you only purchase fabric for specific projects?


Little Critters

I made up the panel of critters that I showed you before ( Alice loves them! Here are two of her current favourites.

She’s pretty smart that Alice. I often find the mushroom hanging out in the kitchen. She also figured out that Mama birds feed you by sticking their beaks in your mouth and … well… doing their thing. Take a look at this poor birds beak.

I often find Alice just like this…

Silly girl, this bird has nothing for her.

Fabric Mail!

I received some fabric mail last week! I ordered in some more nylon chiffon to make pettiskirts.

I also have a lighter pink coming in and some left over fuchsia from previous skirts. I’m thinking about making an adult sized pettiskirt. I’m also stoked about making a Kelly green one but I can’t justify making Alice another pettiskirt.

Fabric Mail – Hemp edition

I got some fabric in the mail this week. A huge box of fabric. I ordered in Hemp/Cotton Terry to make some wash cloths and other Hemp Terry things. It is loopy and an unbleached creamy colour.

I also got in a bunch of Hemp/cotton muslin. I have big plans for this stuff. Coffee filters, tea bags, quilting and much more!

Both these fabrics are up for sale by the yard in my etsy store ( It’s hard to find this fabric in Canada!


Block Party!

So I started the blocks. I started cutting and creating. One thing I have learned is to not try to figure out block dimensions in your head when you are over tired. It doesn’t go well. I had to redraw, recalculate a couple of times until I came up with my final block. Once you see it you will laugh because it’s really simple now. What I wanted to do didn’t work out so I ended up with a happy accident.

So that was just a piece of the original design block. Now it will be a part of the finished pice but not the main block pattern.

This will be the palest block on the whole quilt. Most blocks will be brighter, but I think I will need this calm.

See very simple, almost too simple. I think that the fabric is so busy that simple may be better.  I’m excited to see it all come together!


Revamped again

I changed everything again. I found the last blog theme hard to read. I like this one better. I header will probably change again and again and again. I’m thinking about featuring my favourite things I have made or a favourite fabric.

I want to give a shout out to my first blog follower that signed up and will receive emails every time I put up a new post! Thanks for following me!! You made my day! If haven’t followed my blog yet, you should put some thought to it… it just may be a good thing. When you are done thinking just click the button on the left. <—

What do you think of the new theme? Do you like it more or less? Do you like the side bar on the right or left?

Cheater Done!

I finished the cheater quilt in an afternoon. That is why I love them so. There is such a feeling of accomplishment holding the finished product in your hands.

I love the Hooty Hoot fabric by Riley Blake. I just wish I could buy it all and never run out of it!


I didn’t have enough fabric from this collection to do the back so I went to my local store and found some that fit with the colours and theme. I was amazed. I have a hard time finding anything I actually want in that store.

I need to stop using lined fabric for the back of quilts.

I have a very limited space to lay out my quilts and no matter how hard I try I can’t get things to line up exactly. So when I quilt with straight lines you can totally tell. My new house will have enough space… I can’t wait!