My love of flannel

I can’t seem to get flannel. It’s so soft, and comforting. I would say I would buy flannel as much as I can. Once I was buying cotton and I accidentally purchased everything I wanted in Flannel. It was a happy mistake. I did feel bad at first because I had to reorder everything in cotton. But I didn’t cancel my flannel order because you will always have a use for flannel right? My lovely husband said I should have known since I was shopping at the Flannel Queen ( but really I was so excited by the fabric that I didn’t pay attention to tiny details.

I started making flannel wash cloths for my lovely daughter. I cloth diaper and wanted something soft to use instead of throw away wipes. I love how far technology has come and now you can get flannel in almost any pattern that you can get cotton in.

These flowers are some of my favourite flannel.  They are super soft and the pattern is pretty, girly but not over the top cutesy. If you like these check them out in my Etsy shop ( I only have a limited amount of this fabric so if you like them get them quick!


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