My love of flannel continued

You may hear a lot of my love for flannel. This past weekend I went to visit my Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle. I heard tales of there being a fabric shop in their town. My Aunt offered to watch my daughter so that my cousin and I could go to the shop and check it all out. We braved a Ontario snowstorm and almost didn’t make it back to the house as it was snowing so bad my car had trouble getting up the hill.

This fabric shop had expanded and had 2 shops side by side. Hands down this was one of the best fabric shops I have been into. Quilts n’ Critters is downtown Millbrook ON. The quilt cotton side was sooo well-organized and clutter free. There were so many bolts of fabric I thought I was going to die. This place is dangerous. We then made our way over to the flannel shop next door. Man I was in love! There was so much flannel to check out. I was on a mission though and limited myself to 3 metres of flannel and one fun panel.

I have made some cloth wipes/face cloths out of these prints and they will be up in my etsy shop ( soon! I also have plans for the scraps of these!! They make me happy for sure!


One thought on “My love of flannel continued

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