Things that make my heart sing

There are few things in life that truly make my heart sing. My family and friends are definitely the source of many heart songs. Last night I was cursing the evil Pinterest (evil because it sucks my time away from me and makes me feel like I will never accomplish everything I want to do) when I started to look at quilts. Quilts make my heart sing. The song is so loud and clear it is hard to ignore. For many years I ran away from sewing and sewing machines. I’m not quite sure why although I did have an understanding that my ability to resist fabric would be nonexistent. I think I stayed away to protect my finances.

Just over a year ago I started quilting and fell deeply in love. So deep that I dream of quilts and have an urge to place my lovely daughter in daycare a couple of days a week so I can just immerse myself in quilt making. Dreams all dreams. Hopefully I can show you my love of quilts and maybe you will learn to love them too.  In the past year I made at least 6 quilts and I hope to make many more in the next year.

This quilt by far is one of my favourites. It was made of almost all second-hand, reclaimed fabric with a handful of scraps from previous quilts and one purchased fabric to pull it together. I also did purchase the batting as I think each quilt deserves new and luxurious batting. I used a lovely blue and white sheet for the back purchased 2nd hand. (Check out the adorable assistant!)

I made this for my lovely friend Meghan on the occasion of her wedding. Which just happened to be one of the best weddings ever. I may be just a bit jealous of her wedding.


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