Finished Pettiskirts

That’s it, I’m addicted! I love making pettiskirts! They are so fun and the transfermation occurs right before your eyes. I made 3 last week and learned a lot. I think the pink on is my favourite, and it gave me the most trouble.

For the life of me I couldn’t find satin to match this skirt (or the others for that mater). I tried 3 different fabrics! That’s what happens when you live in a small town and only have one store that sells this type of fabric. I ended up finding a polyester that matched the skirt. It’s a lot stiffer than satin that is normally used for the top portion of the skirt but it works!

I also made this lovely purple with purple number. There are a whole bunch of purples going on with it but I think it works.

My favourite by far is Alice’s. I love purple and blue together. I’m sure she will end up with many more pettiskirts but her first will always be special.

 Since they are my first pettiskirts the purple and pink pettiskirts will go up for sale in my shop for cost ($30) plus shipping. Since they have an adjustable waist they will fit babies from 6monish (unless you have a teeny tiny peanut) to about 3 years (if not more).


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