Paralyzed by other’s creativity

I have fabric sitting around waiting to be used. I found a sheet one day at the second-hand store the screamed, SCREAMED to be used as a quilt back  in a quilt for my friend Lesley. So I bought it. Then I found fabric one day online that SCREAMED again to be used in quilt for Lesley. I haven’t put both of them together yet to see if they even match. If they don’t it doesn’t matter because that will SCREAM Lesley all over again. I have had a vision on what quilt I want to make with it all but I’m not sure how I will go about doing it. So I’ve made the mistake of looking for other people’s quilts for an example. BAD IDEA! I’ve been scouring Google pictures and Pinterest (If you don’t know what Pinterest is, don’t ask, don’t join, don’t even think about it if you want preserve your time. You will be sucked in and will exit hours later feeling like only a minute has passed).

In this web scouring for the instructions on how to do what I want I have been overwhelmed by AMAZING quilts. I don’t know if overwhelmed is a strong enough word for what I really am. I feel paralyzed by my desire to take all the quilts I have seen and use them as inspiration for my own quilts. I see such beautiful fabric that all I want to do start buying and not stop, EVER! This week I will put the design down on paper for Lesley’s quilt and I will start cutting. I just have to.  I’m not sure if I can get through the week without buying more fabric.


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