Road Trip

Today I’m taking a much-anticipated road trip. We are packing up my car and a bunch of us are headed to Millbrook to our favourite little flannel store! I can’t wait! I can hardly sleep. This trip I’m going to hit up the quilting cotton store as well to get some fun prints to start adding to my stash. My biggest issues is figuring out how much of each I should get. If I get 1/4 metre of each then I can get more variety. However, if I get 1/2 metre or full metre then I can do more with each piece. Oh man the trouble I will face today!!! Watch out Quilts n’ Critters here we come!

As an added bonus we will be stopping at our favourite little bakery for lunch. The Pastry Peddler ( just happens to be a couple of doors down from the fabric store!

When you go fabric shopping do you go with a specific amount of fabric in mind? Are you a hoarder? Or do you only purchase fabric for specific projects?


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