Mini petti

I had an order for pettiskirt and here it is!

Looks just like the others that I make but wait….

It is just teeeny tiny! This one fits newborn until about 1 year and then it gets kinda short. I will be adding this size to my shop later today. Now I’m off to drop this in the mail because I know there is a Mom out there who is very excited about getting this!!!


Simple quilts

I cut the flannel I had set aside for some quilts. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but I like to lay them out before I start to sew just to make sure. The first one is simple but I really like how it looks.

The second one I had thought I wanted to a diagonal stripe so I laid it out.

I wasn’t in love with it. So I played around with a bit and then I found this:

That isn’t what it will really look like. I ran out of precut blocks and it is unbalanced. I’m going to cut more blocks and balance it out and we will be good to go!




I decided that I needed to do inventory to find out exactly what I had in fabric. My friend directed me to this tutorial that really helped me get organized (Crafty Staci). So I set off to Staples to get the supplies that I needed/wanted.

Did you know that Martha Stewart came out with a home and office supplies line? You shouldn’t go see it. To be fair I did check the regular section first but they didn’t have any of the things I needed. I got a lovely new binder, section dividers, clear plastic page dividers in groups of four (with really cool flaps to keep stuff in them) and labels.

It has taken me a better part of 3 days to go through all my fabric, label it, organize it and put it away. I wish I had taken a picture at one point I had fabric in 3 different rooms sprawled out. Of course it was right then that I got a call from our realtor that we had someone coming through in about 2 hours. Man did I have to work quick!

Of course Alice was a big help through the whole process. Making sure to pick up all the scraps, let me know when I had left scissors too close to the edge of the table, that my paper inventory tags needed to be cut out and she was my official storage bin tester.

Let’s Party!

In just a few short days my little terror (I mean Angel) will be turning one! I bought fabric at Christmas to make her a Christmas dress… and it didn’t happen. So I made her a party dress. I had to buy new trim because I had originally purchased green but it just screamed Christmas every time I looked at it. Last night I managed to make the whole dress minus the buttons. I will add those today. I used the dress tutorial and pattern from The Cottage Home (Here is the pattern). The silver is a silk douppioni and the trim is a taffeta. Due to limited selection in my fine town Alice is not the proud owner of her first silk dress!

I love how full the skirt is!

Since I didn’t want to wake Alice last night to get the right placement of the sash I used her favourite super soft life-sized teddy. My good friend’s awesome parents got this bear for her!

Since the bear got to wear her dress Alice thought it was only fair for her to wear his jacket. (Here you go R&H!)

She loves her bear!

This is the first dress that I have made and I think it went well. I made her the 18 month size and found that either my seam allowances were too big or it runs a bit small. The directions in the tutorial for the most part are straight forward but I did run into a couple of points were it was a bit unclear.


Fabric Mail


Sooo… I bought more fabric (big surprise) online. was having a huge sale and I couldn’t pass it up. I often go to my fabric stash for fabric for a quilt and I find that I don’t really have a stash. I usually get the amount I need and use it. In theory that is the way to go. In actuality it limits what I can make because I’m limited to what I can find in an area around me. So I bought some fabric to add to the stash. I got some cotton.

Nothing that really goes together but things that will be fun in upcoming projects.

I love the little kites and suns. Of course I could not pass up the sale with out some…..


The snow flakes go with a Christmas quilt that I have fabric waiting for but needed more. Just look at those mushrooms! They are too cute!

 I ordered one more flannel but it was out… too bad. I love fabric mail days, they make me happy!

Soft and Pretty

The washcloth giveaway winner chose to have some cloths from some of my new fabric. She is gracious in allowing me some time to get them together with all the house craziness that is going on. This morning I finished them for her.

They will be in the mail this afternoon! I think the man at the post office and I may become best buddies.

This fabric is sooo soft and sooo nice it is screaming to be made into a quilt. I’m going to hold off on making more cloths from it to make sure I have enough for the quilt. I’m going to use all of these.

I am thinking of doing a simple block quilt with just squares. I have also been toying with the idea of making a rag quilt. I have never made a rag quilt and to be honest in the past I have thought that they are a little bit ugly. However, I have seen a lot of beautiful rag quilts lately. What is your opinion on the matter? Vote by Tuesday and I will listen to the masses on this one.

I’ve been missing

This week has been a little crazy. Putting the house up for sale, trips to the big city, order’s flying in and weather changing headaches have thrown me for a loop.

But, I’m here! I just finished 2 pettiskirts which are on their way to Florida for 2 little girls Birthday party’s. I’ve been wondering about keeping the pettiskirts in the store because they haven’t been moving. This week though I have had tons of interest and a couple orders which is great!

I haven’t shown you much of my loot from my shopping spree! So today I will show you my favourite fabrics. I was shopping with Kimmy who I will tell you now is an enabler of the worst kind and that is exactly why I love her so much. I had a giant pile of fabric at the cutting counter. I mean GIANT. Then she comes up with another fabric for me to touch and I fell in love!

 This Beatrix Potter is the softest fabric you will ever feel. At first I thought it was a flannel on steroids but since then I have learned it is a knit. The front features The most loveable characters from Ms. Potter’s books.

I love that the characters are not cartoonish and I love the colouring. The back is this white silky soft goodness.

I’m going to use it to make some super sized receiving blankets. Large enough to wrap up a little baby into a nice cocoon. None of those puney useless receiving blankets.