The zoo animals

As you may have heard I went shopping last week for fabric. I had a really hard time deciding what to buy (or what not to buy). I had a request for a couple of baby blankets that were going to be gifts and I also needed to make a baby blanket for a friend. While shopping for material for those blankets my friends that I was shopping with pointed out this fabric. It is flannel my favourtie. It is also super soft flannel!

It screamed to be made into a blanket, and so I did. I put a lovely light minty green minky on the back. If you don’t know what minky is you need to go find some now! It is a super soft, fuzzy fabric with little dots raised up on it. I want to wrap myself in it and just never leave a cocoon of minky.

I made this blanket huge! Well not really but 39″x41″ which is a great size for a kid to curl up in or use as a play mat. I also didn’t make one, I made 3! One has white minky on the back. I have one listed in my store (

As a side note  I went to the zoo last week (the Toronto zoo) and we saw all the animals on this blanket (ok maybe not all the birds). Alice loved the zoo but mostly loved watching the other kids and laughing at her friend Edward running around. I’m not too sure if she noticed the animals.


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