I have a terrible problem

I went to Fabricland last night to get 2 things. 2 Things! Just 2. I completely failed. If it was an exam I would be repeating the course. I also may have failed at marriage too. I guess my lovely husband thought I was going to Wal-Mart. There was a conversation earlier in the day that went something like this:

Me: When you get home tonight I’m going to pop out for a couple of minutes to pick up a few things.

Husband: Oh what kind of things?

Me: Alice and I went out to Wal-mart and she got fussy so we didn’t get all the errands done that I wanted.

Husband: Sounds good, you can go when I get home and I will hang with Alice.

Nowhere in the did I say I was going back to Wal-Mart and I didn’t say I was going to Fabricland. So he was quite surprised when I called an hour after I left home saying that I had to swing by Wal-Mart now. The silence that followed me telling him I had been at Fabricland let me know I better hurry home and he wasn’t all that impressed with me. Hahaha opps!

So I went in for this fabric

A simple red polka dot (which looks pink in the photo). I also needed some interfacing, but that’s boring to take pictures of. Picture white, stiff fabric.

This is what I left with….

Ooopps! I can’t be trusted in a fabric store. I need to go with a chaperone. I need help. I can justify every purchase!

These are for making more wash cloths (not a lot of soft non-cheesy boy flannel)…

Then these prints will also go into a cute baby quilt. I love flannel baby quilts!

There is a plan for it all! Now I just need to find the time to make it happen!

No more shopping… except if there is a members sale at Fabricland…. which may or may not happen soon. I will be waiting by my phone in anticipation!


5 thoughts on “I have a terrible problem

  1. Sounds like me when I buying up old plates and cups to use for mosaic creation. Must starting using all those pieces I have collected.. And by the way, I love this fabric, and the ballerina tutus.

    • I now know how the life of a hoarder begins! Your creations are always beautiful and you have more right to buy like that. At least with fabric you can usually get what you want when you needed. There isn’t the same store for your old plates!

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