Bunting Love.

I recently saw a request on a mother’s group I’m involved with asking if anyone could make a bunting. I thought yep, I could do that! So I embarked on an adventure to make a Happy Birthday bunting. Once again my biggest issue was finding the fabric that I wanted/needed.

Over the last week I visited no less than 9 fabric stores in 7 towns. To travel to all these stores in one day it would take me 10 hours of driving. Why are polka dot’s so hard to find? White polka dots on brightly coloured (nice colours) backgrounds are going the way of the dinosaur apparently. This surprised me. To me polka dots are classic. If I had a fabric store I would always have polka dots in an array of colours in stock. I also would have a great selection of fun solid colours too.

I sound like I’m complaining. Ok I am a bit. BUT, I did have fun in those 9 stores and only managed to escape one store without buying a single thing and one other store I escaped with only buying the 2 things I went there to get (I called ahead). What I have learned about shopping for polka dots (it is always good to learn something from your experiences):

1. Looking for polka dots leads to many other fun fabrics (just take a look in my attic)

2. If I had just looked online I would have found all the polka dots in one easy package right here and probably saved myself time and a lot of money (but I would have missed out on number 1).

Isn’t the bunting pretty? I’m in love. I have to go out today and get some bias tape and use that to string the flags together. I liked the idea of using the string so you could rearrange the flags (they are solid dots on the back). You can see where they bunch here.

I think the white bias tape will also look great. I think I see much bunting making in my future. My new house may just be decorated with bunting. There will be bunting for everything! Olympic bunting, love bunting, Easter bunting, Christmas bunting, Friday bunting…. Bunting for EVERYTHING!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Bunting Love.

    • I printed out letters on paper and traced them on this special paper that iron on to fabric. Ironed it on to white fabric cut them out and then ironed them on to the flags. I then went around them with a zigzag stich.

  1. I love this so much!!! I am probably going to get you to make me one of these eventually. That and a quilt. I heart quilts.

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