I’ve been missing

This week has been a little crazy. Putting the house up for sale, trips to the big city, order’s flying in and weather changing headaches have thrown me for a loop.

But, I’m here! I just finished 2 pettiskirts which are on their way to Florida for 2 little girls Birthday party’s. I’ve been wondering about keeping the pettiskirts in the store because they haven’t been moving. This week though I have had tons of interest and a couple orders which is great!

I haven’t shown you much of my loot from my shopping spree! So today I will show you my favourite fabrics. I was shopping with Kimmy who I will tell you now is an enabler of the worst kind and that is exactly why I love her so much. I had a giant pile of fabric at the cutting counter. I mean GIANT. Then she comes up with another fabric for me to touch and I fell in love!

 This Beatrix Potter is the softest fabric you will ever feel. At first I thought it was a flannel on steroids but since then I have learned it is a knit. The front features The most loveable characters from Ms. Potter’s books.

I love that the characters are not cartoonish and I love the colouring. The back is this white silky soft goodness.

I’m going to use it to make some super sized receiving blankets. Large enough to wrap up a little baby into a nice cocoon. None of those puney useless receiving blankets.


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