Soft and Pretty

The washcloth giveaway winner chose to have some cloths from some of my new fabric. She is gracious in allowing me some time to get them together with all the house craziness that is going on. This morning I finished them for her.

They will be in the mail this afternoon! I think the man at the post office and I may become best buddies.

This fabric is sooo soft and sooo nice it is screaming to be made into a quilt. I’m going to hold off on making more cloths from it to make sure I have enough for the quilt. I’m going to use all of these.

I am thinking of doing a simple block quilt with just squares. I have also been toying with the idea of making a rag quilt. I have never made a rag quilt and to be honest in the past I have thought that they are a little bit ugly. However, I have seen a lot of beautiful rag quilts lately. What is your opinion on the matter? Vote by Tuesday and I will listen to the masses on this one.


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