Let’s Party!

In just a few short days my little terror (I mean Angel) will be turning one! I bought fabric at Christmas to make her a Christmas dress… and it didn’t happen. So I made her a party dress. I had to buy new trim because I had originally purchased green but it just screamed Christmas every time I looked at it. Last night I managed to make the whole dress minus the buttons. I will add those today. I used the dress tutorial and pattern from The Cottage Home (Here is the pattern). The silver is a silk douppioni and the trim is a taffeta. Due to limited selection in my fine town Alice is not the proud owner of her first silk dress!

I love how full the skirt is!

Since I didn’t want to wake Alice last night to get the right placement of the sash I used her favourite super soft life-sized teddy. My good friend’s awesome parents got this bear for her!

Since the bear got to wear her dress Alice thought it was only fair for her to wear his jacket. (Here you go R&H!)

She loves her bear!

This is the first dress that I have made and I think it went well. I made her the 18 month size and found that either my seam allowances were too big or it runs a bit small. The directions in the tutorial for the most part are straight forward but I did run into a couple of points were it was a bit unclear.



One thought on “Let’s Party!

  1. LOL the post above is absolutely correct. Google <3's conaiadictron.Mtny of us are on CMS systems that we pay extra for so that it posts with friendly URLs. This is a big problem, will there be a contradiction to this post clarifying many of the questions above?

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