I decided that I needed to do inventory to find out exactly what I had in fabric. My friend directed me to this tutorial that really helped me get organized (Crafty Staci). So I set off to Staples to get the supplies that I needed/wanted.

Did you know that Martha Stewart came out with a home and office supplies line? You shouldn’t go see it. To be fair I did check the regular section first but they didn’t have any of the things I needed. I got a lovely new binder, section dividers, clear plastic page¬†dividers in groups of four (with really cool flaps to keep stuff in them) and labels.

It has taken me a better part of 3 days to go through all my fabric, label it, organize it and put it away. I wish I had taken a picture at one point I had fabric in 3 different rooms sprawled out. Of course it was right then that I got a call from our realtor that we had someone coming through in about 2 hours. Man did I have to work quick!

Of course Alice was a big help through the whole process. Making sure to pick up all the scraps, let me know when I had left scissors too close to the edge of the table, that my paper inventory tags needed to be cut out and she was my official storage bin tester.


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