Simple quilts

I cut the flannel I had set aside for some quilts. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but I like to lay them out before I start to sew just to make sure. The first one is simple but I really like how it looks.

The second one I had thought I wanted to a diagonal stripe so I laid it out.

I wasn’t in love with it. So I played around with a bit and then I found this:

That isn’t what it will really look like. I ran out of precut blocks and it is unbalanced. I’m going to cut more blocks and balance it out and we will be good to go!




4 thoughts on “Simple quilts

    • I agree Ria! I’m going to use the last one but I had to balance it more so I put the dark purple plaid in the middle and then worked my way out keeping it symmetrical with each colour. I’ll post the finished one next week (hopefully).

  1. I like the chunks of colour in that last one- grouping the like prints… BUT… I like the second one just because it has the “picnic blanket” feel to it… a hodge podge.

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