Celebrate good times!

The last couple weeks have been a little crazy. I feel like this weekend I finally got my stride back. Last week I was asked to jump through some hoops, so I did and I made it. I was glad to see that Etsy really takes their rules seriously and they are out there to protect sellers and consumers.

So to celebrate good things going on I’m going to have a sale for 3 days starting next Monday (a week today). How big of a sale you ask… well that depends on you. Currenlty we have about 50 people who like Fabric Heart on Facebook (Here) so I’m starting the sale at 5% off all orders. For every additional 50 people that like the Facebook page I will give you another 5% off to the maximum of 20%. If by some chance we reach 200 likes there will be a substantial giveaway involved (think pettiskirt or baby/lap quilt).

Now you may say… “Well Amanda, you don’t have very much in your Etsy shop right now.” And I would agree with you. But, BUT… by next Monday there will be 2 quilts, many more wash cloths, additional pettiskirt colours, at least 4 new blankets (2 available of each one) and some made to order celebration bunting. I will be giving you sneak peaks of those on the blog through the week.

So go out there, spread the good news! Get your friends, your pets (I know some of you have pet Facebook pages) and loved ones to like Fabric Heart on Facebook and I will reward you all.


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