Hand stitching class

Sooo I went shopping last night a picked up some supplies and some fabric for my hand stitching class. I visited my friends at Algonquin Sewing Centre and I love it there. What am I going to do without them.

I needed fabric for this quilt.

I walked into the door and fell in love with this stuff.

It is Bollywood Bliss by Jane Spolar from Northcott.

Cindy the owner gave me some of her scraps from a quilt she had done. After looking at what I need for the project I’m going to have to go back and buy more… oh no!

The bright colours and patterns just sucked me in.

I needed to pick some solids to go with it. I thought for a couple minutes about toning down the colours by using some neutral, muted tones. Then I decided to go all out and make it all bright.

So much colour! I LOVE IT!!!


What I did this weekend

I got a bit of sewing in this weekend. I worked on my Mom’s quilt and now have blocks done with 3 colour pattern fabrics.

This one by far is my favourite….. well for now.

I don’t think it will be done in time for my Mom’s birthday next weekend…. sorry Mom!

Weekend to do’s and finally a laptop case

Happy long weekend to our USA visitors. Play safe!

So I did it. I made my laptop sleeve. It may need some resizing. I was sick of everything being too small so I made it a little generous. I like it because I can put my cords in with the laptop. One nice little package.

It only took me one naptime to do which was sweet!

This weekend here are my to do’s:

  1. Work on Mom’s quilt.
  2. Purchase all my supplies for my hand stitching course.
  3. Sew up a pettiskirt that is already cut.

Want to do:

1. Start my laptop bag but that will have to wait!

What is on your list to do this weekend?

I can’t help myself!

First things first. A big hello to all the new people following the blog. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by! To all the regulars, thank you to you too!

So I posted recently about my padded computer sleeve I was going to make (here). I wasn’t 100% happy with the fabric choices but I resolved to use things from my stash. Well I broke and bought new fabric.

The plum and teal fabric had been calling my name but I didn’t have a reason to buy it. I went to Fabricland to buy 1 thing (I can’t remember what it was, hahaha) and it pulled me in, I had no power. So I bought some. I needed flannel for the inside so I bought a nice neutral cream. It happened to be on sale for $3/m so I may have bought a lot.

I am going to cut everything for the case tonight! TONIGHT! I have to, no choice. My poor new laptop is being sent in for repair (remember everything bad always happens to me). The case of the laptop is falling apart and it is new, anyway that is  a different story.

I sent out a bunch of these this week, although I forgot to take pictures of all the pretty colours. As I was making them I told myself not to forget to take a picture. I didn’t remember until I was taping up the boxes.

I’m starting to use more hemp. I wanted to make hemp wash cloths but I needed some people to try them out. A few friends stepped forward and took on the task. Made them in green, blue, teal, turqoise, aqua, coarl, fuchsia, purple, white and multi colour. I’m trying to decide to make them one layer or two. My plan is to make some hemp prefolds as I seem to be running low all the time. It is fun to pick pretty trim colours!

I’m taking a class

I signed up for a hand stitching course by Rachel Hauser from Stitched in Color. She was running a ‘camp’ version of this course and I really, really wanted to do it. It is like summer camp for sewing from your own home! If you even finish all your projects you get a badge and a handmade gift from her! I didn’t sign up for it because I feared with the move that I would fall behind.

So I signed up for a version of the course that will do the same things just not as interactive as the camp. It will run over 9 weeks with a week in between each project to give us time to work on it. There will be one quilt that we work on each week and fun side projects to do! I’m so very excited.

These are some of the projects she has promised us! A needlebook, embellished tank, wall hanging or hexagon block, pillow, coasters and baby quilt. We will be learning reverse applique, embroidery, English paper piecing, hand quilting and applique.

So much to learn! The class starts on June 4th and I’ll keep you updated with the projects I am working on.

** all pictures from http://www.stitchedincolor.com

Fabric Tuesday!

First I hope all the Canadians had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend! We went away and enjoyed the sunshine with friends. It was lovely.

As you may know I love flannel. Flannel makes me happy. Good quality flannel makes me extremely happy. I love Cloud9 flannel’s. Cloud9 makes all organic fabrics which if very exciting. They have a collection coming out in August that is the cutest nursery print.

Look at those cute elephants, simply designed and beautiful. I love all the bunting which seems to be really popular right now.

You will probably hear from me that I get sad that it is hard to find cute boy flannel. This collection does baby boy perfectly.

I really like that they just change the colour-way between the ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ fabrics. I use the labels girl and boy loosely because I think that we get trapped into those colours/designs represent certain genders too easily.

The simple dots in pink and blue are nice but I love that they included the green and brown in there. Pink and blue are overdone but fun new non-tradition colours are where it is at right now and I LOVE it!

Check out the full collection here.  If you are interested in this collection when it comes out in August you can find places to buy it online here.

*** All photos are from Cloud 9 Fabrics at cloud9fabrics.com