Weekend sum up

Weekends are my time to enjoy family, food and fabric. This weekend was extra special because the better half was home and I got help around the house. Oh right and it was Mother’s day.

Ahhhh blissful Motherhood…

That’s better…

“Look Mom See food!” Yep that’s my daughter. Her Dad would never laugh at something like that. Ok, enough senseless photos of my daughter.

There may have been a member’s sale at Fabricland this weekend. I may have forgotten to tell Kim about it (Sorry Kim but I’m sure Tom thanks me!). I have been in love with this fabric for awhile. When it was 50% off I had to get it. It is going to make some cute dresses for the monster child.

So I kinda have this thing going on where everything goes wrong, all the time.  Things go wrong, then they turn around and end up great. Later this week I will tell you the story about my bag from Paris (France) but this fabric I bought because things went wrong. Now they will be right. For one person this Christmas they will be really right.

This pile makes me very happy. It made me down right giddy. That is how I know I have a fabric problem.

I spent Mother’s day cutting that pile and this pile for my Mother. I am excited for how piles become something else with just a few stitches.

I got this present from my lovely better half.

It was a good weekend. Now today I get to deal with this…

Man I hate Monday’s!


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