Where I would like to be.

When I first approached my husband about starting my own business it looked completely different than what I am doing now. I wonder if he notices?

It all started with a frustration of not being able to find the fabric that I wanted, in Canada, for a reasonable price. I would have to order out of the USA and wait and wait and wait and then pay some duty on top of the huge shipping costs. So I decided that I wanted to buy wholesale fabric and then sell it online to other Canadians.

I really, really want to get there. It just takes a lot of capital to buy it all and hoops and stuff. So I will get there, sometime. Until then I’m going to have a virtual, virtual store. Every Tuesday I will bring you fabric that I would order by various designers.

One of my favourite companies is Riley Blake designs. They have some of the best designers working for them. They make beautiful things like this:

Avignon by Emily Taylor Design. It is just beautiful. This is the type of fabric I would carry. I would probably have to keep some of this stuff just for myself.

Check out the full collection here.


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