All the wrong things.

I have been searching for a laptop bag for my new over sized laptop. Most  mainstream laptop bags sold in stores are down right ugly. I wanted cute. I frequent Etsy and know that cute is beyond achievable.

Apparently Etsy has a biased towards Mac’s. I can not afford a small Mac let alone a 17″ Mac.  However, the best part of Etsy is that you can get things custom made! So I found a bag that I loved, LOVED! The shop is ikabags if you want to check out her amazing selection. So I messaged the artist and she was more than willing to make a bag for me. The best part was that she was from Pairs!

I envisioned myself walking down the street and people asking me where I got the bag. I would reply very nonchalantly “Pairs”. I had dreams! I was going to be important, people were going to love me because of this bag. In short my life would be changed.

I waited for the bag to arrive (which it did in a timely fashion). However, I was out of town for a week so I had to wait until I got home! I opened it and I loved it. I tried to put my laptop in and it didn’t fit! BLAST!

I checked my messages to the artist and my stomach sank. It was my fault! I totally forgot to mention that my laptop is thicker than most. The most crucial part!!!! I got the bag on sale and the sale was no longer on. I had spent more than I wanted but knew it was a good investment. I can not afford another one right now. So I will make my own. This bag already is destined for a Christmas gift (is it for you? you won’t know until Christmas because I’m not going to tell).


I have never made a bag like this before. I did make a very tacky bag when I was in grade 7 (which I screwed up). I am going to use a couple different tutorials and some of my own imagination to see what I can come up with.

I’m going to make a padded sleeve for it, using this tutorial featured on Sew, Mama, Sew but is by Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson!(2 blogs I love) . Because lets face it I will sometimes take the laptop out without the bag. And I’m clumsy so it needs protection.  Since I’m on a mission to use fabric from my stash for this sleeve so this will be the outside (Sorry Alice this will longer be a dress for you).

This will be the inside. I’m not 100% happy with this choice but looking at  my stash this is all I have that will work. It is super soft so there is that.

I purchased these two pieces last week at the Fabricland members sale for making the laptop bag. I’m going to this Hobo bag tutorial from jcaroline creative. I will also use my Paris bag for some inspiration. The blue will be the outside and the cream the inside. I’m tempting fate using the white as I’m sure a pen will explode on it day 1. Such is my life.

Now to find the time to get it all done!


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