To do lists and other info.

So I have a need to do list that is about a mile long. I have a want to do list that is 2 miles long. Man I wish there were 59 hours in everyday. So to become better at doing these things I will share with you each Friday my top 10 need to do’s. I will also share a smattering of my want to do’s in the hopes that someone else will do them for me… please?

  1. Mum’s quilt – I’ve completed 6 blocks…. only slightly over 100 more to go!
  2. Lesley’s quilt – need to get this back out.
  3. Katie and Brad’s wedding quilt – at this rate it may become a 1st anniversary quilt… joking! (sort of)
  4. Laptop bag.
  5. Dresses for Alice
  6. Raincoat for Alice (she’s going to be well dressed)
  7. 3 pettiskirts that I have already cut (yellow, cornflower blue and periwinkle)
  8. New buntings for summer decorating
  9. Hemp prefold diapers in a larger size
  10. Hemp muslin tea bags and coffee filters.

Things I want to do…

  1. Quilt for me using this layer cake I bought months ago. Vintage Modern by Moda.       I need to figure out the design but I’m thinking a pinwheel or something similar. I’m dreaming of it.
  2. A quilt with waves. Wavy lines everywhere.

Quilting will be so much easier once we move and I have a space just for sewing.

(Photo: Two lovely birthday girls wearing my pettiskirts. Thank you Betty for sending in the great picture! (Picture did include smiley happy faces but they aren’t my smiley happy faces to share.))

So I need structure. I have a plan for this blog and I hope it works. Please be kind and keep checking in as moving in 6 weeks make time hard to find. Here is the proposed schedule:

  • Monday: What I worked on in the past week/weekend
  • Tuesday: Fabric that I love that if I had a fabric shop it would be in
  • Wednesday: Something other than fabric (this week it was my scones, next week it could be flowers who knows!)
  • Thursday: New things I’m making, planning, excited about.
  • Friday: To do’s and To dones. It may also include my Pinterest loves of the week.
  • Weekends: Off or you may be blessed with something fun.

I also have lined up in the fall some great artists that I will feature. They will be sharing some of their skills, loves, pieces of art for you to enjoy. I think it will happen once a month or once every other week.

Have a great weekend! Create something, your soul needs it!


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