Fabric Tuesday!

First I hope all the Canadians had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend! We went away and enjoyed the sunshine with friends. It was lovely.

As you may know I love flannel. Flannel makes me happy. Good quality flannel makes me extremely happy. I love Cloud9 flannel’s. Cloud9 makes all organic fabrics which if very exciting. They have a collection coming out in August that is the cutest nursery print.

Look at those cute elephants, simply designed and beautiful. I love all the bunting which seems to be really popular right now.

You will probably hear from me that I get sad that it is hard to find cute boy flannel. This collection does baby boy perfectly.

I really like that they just change the colour-way between the ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ fabrics. I use the labels girl and boy loosely because I think that we get trapped into those colours/designs represent certain genders too easily.

The simple dots in pink and blue are nice but I love that they included the green and brown in there. Pink and blue are overdone but fun new non-tradition colours are where it is at right now and I LOVE it!

Check out the full collection here.  If you are interested in this collection when it comes out in August you can find places to buy it online here.

*** All photos are from Cloud 9 Fabrics at cloud9fabrics.com


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