Where did I go?

What a long crazy summer. We moved!!  We are very excited to be in a new area with a beautiful house. We had a pretty crazy summer. We moved because my husband got a new job. My husband went to one week of work and then was on strike for the entire summer. It was bad in some ways but great in others. We spent a large chunk of our summer as a family just hanging out. 

I got a new sewing room!!!! Very exciting! Sad news is that it won’t be a sewing room for very long as we have exciting news of adding an new family member and this room is suppose to be theirs! Jan/Feb 2013 we will be a family of 5 if you include Buddy the scared guard dog. 

I haven’t sewn much. I think there was just too much going on for me to sit still and create. Thank goodness this has been short lived. My husband is back to work, I feel back to normal (except this belly that gets in the way) and I have been shopping up a storm! 

Expect many Fabric Mail posts coming up. I couldn’t stop myself! It was like I was catching up for lost time!!!!!!


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