Happy Halloween!!!

In honour of Halloween let’s talk about Christmas! I know, I know I’m not living in the moment, pushing the season, blah, blah, blah. But. BUT… there have been snowstorms in the USA and in Northern Ontario and it is the happiest time of the year. I’m sure my good friend Travwho is already rocking the Christmas music.

This house is made for Christmas, I can feel it in my bones. I mentioned that to my husband and he asked how much overtime he needs to do to support our Christmas decorating. I simply told him that if he works from now until Christmas 2013 without a break we may come out even. So I have big plans! HUGE plans! I was up in the wee hours of the morning thinking about these plans.


Primitive rusty stars red berry wreath

I’m thinking 2 of these for my door. Or something simliar. I’m also planning lots of greenery for the front porch and possibly a tree out there. I want classy and elegant. I may have to donate the blue Christmas lights we have. I think simple white lights is the way to go. AND our house has these beautiful little pot lights on it that illuminate it in just the right way.

The old owners of our house still get random bits of mail delivered. The other day a Restoration Hardware Baby&Child  magazine was dropped off.  My eyes were opened. I need to subscribe to that magazine!  So the one major thing that I want to recreate from it is this gorgeous advent stocking countdown calendar.


I think my stockings will have to be a bit bigger to fit enough ‘gifts’ in. Oh the fun I will have! There is so much more that I will show you. This place will be over the top festive by December 25th.


Fabric Coming soon

I’m always look ahead to see what fabrics are coming out. I like to know if I should spend my money or wait until something I love is coming out. It is no secret that Riley Blake Designs is one of my favourite companies to look for new fabrics. They have a great group of designers and their fabric quality is amazing. Well I’m super excited for one of their new lines coming out in November. It is some of their classic fabric in FLANNEL! FLANNEL!

They have many of their medium chevrons into flannel! I can’t wait. I want them all and in large quantities. Check them out here. They also have a line of gingham that they have converted to flannel.

There is just something so classic about a gingham especially a flannel one. I could see many quilts backed with this stuff! I think what I’m most excited about is the polka dots! Do you know how hard it is to find polka dots, especially in the fall/winter?

 I want this whole collection too! Dots are just so happy!!! I don’t even want to tell you about my search for light blue material with white polka dots in my area. Lets just say 4 stores didn’t have them and I had to do what I do best… order online.  There was a time where I spent a day visiting no less than 7 fabric stores to find polka dots without any luck. I may have not just ordered the dots I needed… so you have more fabric mail to look forward to!

A sad farwell

As you know I love fabric, LOVE!!! Often I purchase enough fabric so that I can make something to sell or make a gift and keep some for myself for another project. Well when I ordered this fabric, they didn’t have a lot left.

(I don’t know how I didn’t blog about these before). It is from the Down Under by Mint Blossom for Northcott collection. I fell in love with it! I was ordering from Intrepid Tread (http://www.intrepidthread.com/) and added it onto an order because I had room in my shipping envelope (can’t waste shipping space) but obviously her customers also loved it and beat me to it and I could only get a limited quantity. Using the fabric I decided to keep it simple. The animals on front, the zig zag on the back, soft/warm batting in the middle and some free motion quilting to keep it together.

It was easily one of my most viewed and favourited blankets on Etsy.

On Saturday the blanket sold and today it will be on it’s way to it’s new owner’s! I really think I may have to get in more of this fabric. The colours are just amazing, so fresh! The characters are great too, realistic, not too cartoony but still cute as anything!

Good bye cute blanket! I hope you love your new home!!!

Baby Quilt!!

One of my best friends is having a baby! Baby’s mean quilts! I’ve been working with her to pick out fabric and the design for the quilt. She wanted a star-burst or radiant star quilt. I’ve never made one before but I like a challenge. Then I found out that these are one of the more difficult quilts to make. So I laughed in it’s face and promised to own it. Then I found a book with a fool proof easy method. I am going to win! So here is a sneak peak. I hope to have this done by mid next week… finger’s crossed!

The fabric is all from  collection by

It’s a Garden Gnome Halloween

Last year I dressed Alice up as a Lobster.

We bought the costume early and she had a growth spurt so she really didn’t wear it on Halloween because it was too small. This year I wanted to make her a costume and since  it is probably one of the last years that I get to decide what she wears I wanted it to be fun. So Garden Gnome it was!

I found some great tutorial’s to get the look I wanted. Little Bean Workshop had a great tutorial for a long sleeve peasant dress that was quick and easy to make. I used really cheap cotton and rushed it. I think I will try it again using a better cotton and see how it goes. It definitely works for this outfit although, with the colour I chose without anything else on top she could have been an extra on Breaking Amish.

The pinafore over top of the blue dress is from Smashed Peas and Carrots. I didn’t have buttons…. where is that button jar? So I sewed it together and put bows on it. I need to make this again only in a larger size so that Alice can have some summer cute dresses! I love it. I’m sure she will be sporting this top as a shirt with a long sleeved top underneath. It is really forgiving and took me about 30 mins to make.

The hat and shoes come from Living Craftily Ever After. She got the patterns from other sources but I really liked how she executed them. The hat basic pattern is from Acorn Pies although I used red felt. The shoes are from Maya Made only made with one layer of felt instead of two.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. This girl likes to move and it was just before lunch so she was on her way to the kitchen. Now what should she be next year…..

I Ain’t No Martha.

I’ve been lazy. I’m lazy about a lot of things but mostly I’m lazy about doing things for myself. Every holiday season I say something like “I should really make some decorations and make my house festive.” Every year I don’t. At Christmas I do tend to have my husband put up some lights and we do put up a tree. I just don’t have anything that I’m really proud of for decorating. I should, I’m crafty, I make things, but I ain’t no Martha.



So I started. I have started to make things that I like. I have started to think about buying things that I like. That will make the house feel festive. It won’t happen all at once, it will slowly happen over the years. Today my lovely assistant and I made Halloween wreaths for the front doors. We have 2 doors and the previous owners put wreath hooks on both so that means I have to make 2 of everything.

Who said my Halloween couldn’t be purple and sparkly?

I also decorated the pillar. I think the pillar may have to be festive year round. I have plans for this pillar.


That is all I have. We may go out and buy a couple premade decorations but don’t hold your breath. It is a small start, but a start all the same. Tomorrow I will show you how I decorated the munchkin for the holiday!

Freak out!

Ok every once and awhile I freak out. I’m freaking out right now. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! So I started to organize my sewing area because I got a few additions like that shelf I posted about or yesterday I picked up a new folding table good for cutting on and putting things on. Well I started organizing projects and there is TOOOOOOOO MUUUUCCCHHHH! Ok if I could just sew 8 hours a day for the next 2 months I may catch up and have time for some of the other ideas in my head.

Ok deep breathes. Everything will be ok. Everything will work out. I need Starbucks.