Anna Olson wannabe

Alice is going through a cuddly phase. She has been sick, she takes a bit to wake up in the morning and she enjoys cuddling with me on the couch. So like a stellar Mom that I am we watch TV together. Some kids watch cartoons but not my Alice, we watch the food network.

We are obsessed with this new show Baked with Anna Olson. You may know her from such shows as Sugar or Fresh. She likes the simple titles and I like it. I still don’t get how she is so skinny with all the treats she makes!

We watched the other day and she was making Croissants  Not Crescent Rolls from the can but the real deal. Ones that would be made in Paris. Ones like the ones that I ate 5 of at a bed in breakfast outside of Paris where the owner proceeded to call me a glutinous pig  right in front of me not knowing I knew enough French to understand.

Please take a moment and really acknowledge the flaky bits of butter in there… I did that.

I was determined that I was going to make them. So I did. They took FOREVER. I wanted the to be just like Anna so I waited the suggested 8 hours between steps and it almost killed me.

They turned out great! They didn’t rise like Anna’s (stupid yeast) but they were light and fluffy and buttery on the inside and golden brown and crisp on the outside. Someone did remind me that Anna has a group of people assisting her and choosing the ones that look the nicest for the tv. I guess we all can’t be Anna… but I so want to be!

I will make these again for sure. Now if I can just convince someone to buy me her oven…


3 thoughts on “Anna Olson wannabe

  1. You make me laugh. Seriously, you were in Paris. You are supposed to eat eat eat while you’re there. It’s part of the experience. Plus, you were on vacation! I also love the food network, but I am not impressed that they stopped running Nigella episodes. I don’t care if they are all repeats, people! She’s my favourite! P.S. The blog looks fantastic.

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