Fabric Mail – blanket edition

My shop has been depleted. My friends and family seem to love my flannel blankets and a couple cool people have had baby’s recently so they were gifted because I love them. I need to restock, and restock I did. Well, I have the fabric for them I just need to make them.

I often have problems finding boy fabric that I love, but this stuff I LOVE! Look at those robots! How could you not love it? So I’m going to turn this into a fake quilt. It will look like a quilt and feel like a quilt but just sew along the squares instead of piecing it with other fabrics. Quick and dirty  easy!

I found this lovely whimsical fabric and fell in love. This is also going to become a quick and easy quilt. I’m going sandwich it all together and then just do free motion quilting on it. Easy Peasy!

So you know about my flannel love right? If not you should just know I LOVE FLANNEL! I love flannel so much that I throw it in a pile on the floor and roll in it…. umm… just kidding. But my lovely child does pile it on the floor and roll in it until I ruin her fun and wash it and then no more rolling. I prewash all my flannel because it is shrinky. It likes to shrink more than other things creating a mess with pretty blankets I make and then give as gifts and then have to smuggle out of houses to fix. True story. I also prewash flannel because it is pilly. Sometimes it is hard to tell which are going to pill more than others. Most good quality flannel won’t pill (thank goodness) and you know it is good quality because you pay a lot for it. However, sometimes you can find cheap, cute flannel that doesn’t pill and that my friends is a miracle. Sorry side tracked…. LOOK FLANNEL!!!

Isn’t it cute! Oh how I love the colours and the shapes! AND it is soft and nice! This next stuff I just think is so cute. Not tooo girly but just right.

Ok so this is how you know I have a problem. I opened the box and realized that I had no idea why I ordered this fabric. I mean I love it but I just don’t have a real purpose for it. But now I have 3 yards of it. YEAH!

It is a little pilly so I may make a couple wash cloths and see how it holds up. There is nothing wrong with pilly flannel, it is actually softer than non pilly flannel. But… when I sell things I like them to look lovely for a long time and pilly sometimes looks faded. But then again it looks loved. Usually pilly flannel means that I will sell what ever I make with it discounted (yeah for all you) with a little disclaimer that it is pilly, but still lovable.

OH! I almost forgot so I got this all from fabric.com which always seems to have great sales (thank you fabric.com) but apparently they were bogged down with orders. So my order took a little longer than normal to come which is no big deal. BUT they sent me a coupon for the delay! Yeah for more fabric!


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