Nothing like flannel on a fall day!

My camera’s are all messed up. It makes me sad. I think I have pictures on one and they are on another and some pictures seemed to have disappeared. So I’m trying to get that all straightened out.  These particular pictures I thought I had already blogged and that they were on my other camera… not so much.

I placed an planned purchase from the Flannel Queen. Unlike that time where I placed my whole order thinking it was cotton but turned out it was flannel because duh, I was shopping at the Flannel Queen. Happiest accident ever! I fell in love with Michael Miller’s Children at Play by Sarah Jane Oliver the Over the Fence Section. My friend had asked for a gender neutral blanket and I thought that these fit the bill!

The pinwheels Kill me! They take me back to childhood. There aren’t enough kids running around with pinwheels anymore.

When I saw this collection of bicycles they reminded me of a particular couple and knew that their little boy would NEED a blanket made out of it.

I also fell in love with Free Spirit’s Zoo Menagerie. So I got enough of my favourite’s to make a few blankets. The colours are great!

 I had to resist the urge to make a super sized adult sized flannel blanket out of these. May be that should go on the list of things to make…. adult sized flannel blankets for those chilly nights.





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