Ask and you shall receive….

I asked my lovely husband for a little rack with a dowel to put my ribbon and rick rack on. I thought he would make me something because he is handy like that. Instead I got this.

It is by Martha Stewart. It’s pretty. The top is suppose to be for wrapping paper but I really like laying my fabric out on it. The only bad part was it was made to go on something and they don’t sell the bottom part anywhere around here or maybe in Canada. So we did the next best thing went to Ikea. We spent some time in the scratch and dent and we found exactly what we wanted for a steal of a deal!

Now to just get it organized and filled up for easy usage. Then to devise a plan to keep little hands off of it because as much as folding fabric is fun… it’s not. Notice the interesting collection of items on the floor. Obviously a toddler was around.

Tune in tomorrow for more Anna Olson wanna be. Mmmmm butter tarts! If you don’t know what those are, Google them and get ready for gooey goodness.




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