Anna Olson Wannabe – Butter Tart Edition

Soo I promised these last week but I’ve been busy. I made the tarts and lets just say I’m no Anna Olson.


Once upon a time I worked with this lovely girl name Jenny. We like to have fun in the kitchen at work for the entertainment/enjoyment of those we worked with. We had this mysterious book called something like “100 tarts”. We became the Tart Queens and made many of the recipes in that book. I really need to get a copy of that book because some of the tarts were divine. I haven’t made a tart in years.

So I set out to make Anna Olson’s butter tarts from her Back to Baking Cookbook. For those outside of Canada you may not know what a butter tart is. Well it is a tart filled with a butter, brown sugar, egg mixture (plus some other things). Think pecan pie on a smaller scale without the pecans (because I didn’t have any).

I really liked how instead of rolling out all the dough together she had you roll each tart out separately. It took a bit longer but it really minimized having to reroll the dough over and over.


Going into the oven they looked perfect! Coming out… not so much. They boiled everywhere. They tasted good but I think I like my Grandma’s better… but that is the thing with Grandma’s, they know how to do it right!


2 thoughts on “Anna Olson Wannabe – Butter Tart Edition

  1. you nutter.
    Rickster and I were talking about you (again) last night… I think I bring you up every day at work… we built a cake. A HUGE CAKE. And the whole night was over the top. I wish you were there.

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