More Fabric!

So I was going through my fabric that I recently purchased and realized I hadn’t posted pictures of it all. So here it is for your viewing pleasure.


I fell in love with these 2 fabrics. It is part of the Wrenly Collection by Valori Wells for Free Spirit.

The above is the main in Ingrid but I really can’t find it anywhere on the Free Spirit website (I didn’t look hard). The colours are sooo vivid.

This is the Rosette that matches the above. I’m going to use this as the back with the above and free motion quilt it. Simple yet it will be gorgeous!


This is Katherine’s Wheel in Turquoise.  I have no plans for this as of yet. I had enough room in my shipment for one more yard of fabric before I went up a shipping category so I had to fill it. This was the chosen fabric and I love it!

This of course is Flannel!!! It is part of the Child’s Play with Kate and Nate collection. I didn’t get this in the mail. I had stopped by a sewing store in my home town of Cobourg called Stitch Witch ( They had this on sale!!!! I LOVE it!!!

I don’t have real set in stone plans for it yet, but if you can’t resist it like I couldn’t and have an idea let me know.

Exciting news! I restocked the shop. Stop on by and check out what is new


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