I Ain’t No Martha.

I’ve been lazy. I’m lazy about a lot of things but mostly I’m lazy about doing things for myself. Every holiday season I say something like “I should really make some decorations and make my house festive.” Every year I don’t. At Christmas I do tend to have my husband put up some lights and we do put up a tree. I just don’t have anything that I’m really proud of for decorating. I should, I’m crafty, I make things, but I ain’t no Martha.



So I started. I have started to make things that I like. I have started to think about buying things that I like. That will make the house feel festive. It won’t happen all at once, it will slowly happen over the years. Today my lovely assistant and I made Halloween wreaths for the front doors. We have 2 doors and the previous owners put wreath hooks on both so that means I have to make 2 of everything.

Who said my Halloween couldn’t be purple and sparkly?

I also decorated the pillar. I think the pillar may have to be festive year round. I have plans for this pillar.


That is all I have. We may go out and buy a couple premade decorations but don’t hold your breath. It is a small start, but a start all the same. Tomorrow I will show you how I decorated the munchkin for the holiday!


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