It’s a Garden Gnome Halloween

Last year I dressed Alice up as a Lobster.

We bought the costume early and she had a growth spurt so she really didn’t wear it on Halloween because it was too small. This year I wanted to make her a costume and since  it is probably one of the last years that I get to decide what she wears I wanted it to be fun. So Garden Gnome it was!

I found some great tutorial’s to get the look I wanted. Little Bean Workshop had a great tutorial for a long sleeve peasant dress that was quick and easy to make. I used really cheap cotton and rushed it. I think I will try it again using a better cotton and see how it goes. It definitely works for this outfit although, with the colour I chose without anything else on top she could have been an extra on Breaking Amish.

The pinafore over top of the blue dress is from Smashed Peas and Carrots. I didn’t have buttons…. where is that button jar? So I sewed it together and put bows on it. I need to make this again only in a larger size so that Alice can have some summer cute dresses! I love it. I’m sure she will be sporting this top as a shirt with a long sleeved top underneath. It is really forgiving and took me about 30 mins to make.

The hat and shoes come from Living Craftily Ever After. She got the patterns from other sources but I really liked how she executed them. The hat basic pattern is from Acorn Pies although I used red felt. The shoes are from Maya Made only made with one layer of felt instead of two.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. This girl likes to move and it was just before lunch so she was on her way to the kitchen. Now what should she be next year…..


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