Fabric Mail

Ok, so if you think I spend too much on fabric and have a serious fabric problem and can’t support me in it you probably should stop reading now…. like don’t read anymore because you will be disappointed in me and think bad things and question my existence as a human being.

Sooooo, I ordered some fabric. I was patiently waiting for it. Things get busy in the postal system this time of year so I have to be extra patient. I was waiting for 2 yards of these lovely aqua blue polka dots by Riley Blake:

Aside: Do you know how hard it is to find polka dots in the fall/winter? It is insane!!!!!

So when I got the package from the mailbox I was sort of let down/nervous because it was a Friday and I needed the dots because I had a very patient customer waiting for an item and I was getting very low on time. When I saw the package it was big. Bigger than I would expect for 2 yards of fabric and I thought it was my Christmas fabric order. I know what you are thinking, “Amanda wouldn’t know what 2 yards of fabric in a envelope looks like because she is an addict and always buys more than 2 yards”. Well you would be partially right, it is abnormal to only buy 1 or 2 yards but it has happened before. Well, it turns out I forgot that Fabric Fly (formally Sproutz) had some great prices so I filled up that flat rate envelope and forgot that I did that.  At first I thought I had won something and then I looked and remembered all the beautiful fabrics I had picked out.

I know I had a specific idea for some of these fabrics because I got them in very specific quantities… no idea what for now. Oh well. Look at how pretty they are!!!!!

Way back in the day I blogged about this fabric coming! You can read the post here. This is part of Avignon by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake. I coveted it before it came out and was excited to order some for myself.

This is from the same collection:


I wanted to get some fabrics for a quilt for my daughter. I want something feminine and fun so I’m pretty sure the next 3 are for that…

Gypsy Caravan Deco Dots in Periwinkle by Amy Butler for Westminster:


Gypsy Caravan Mum in Periwinkle by Amy Butler for Westminster:

Marmalade Sugar in Strawberry Pink by Bonnie and Camille for Moda:



The next 2 are for whole cloth quilts I think. Man I need to write things down.

Serenade Butterflies in Autumn by Kate Spain for Moda:


Serenade Thistle in pebble grey by Kate Spain for Moda:


Overall I’m in love with my purchase… even if I didn’t remember ordering it all while I waited for it. You should check out the Fabric Fly (formally Sproutz) they have some great Black Friday Sales on now. I’ve ordered from them before and will continue to, they are great at communicating with their customers and are always happy to help you!




6 thoughts on “Fabric Mail

  1. Do you have any leftover Moda Marmalade sugar strawberry pink you might sell? I’m desperate and that’s the last one to complete the collection for my quilt.

      • I would need about 1/8 yd. 2 1/4 x 4 1/2″ sizes/blocks. Prefer 1/4 yard to be safe. Thx for quick reply.

      • I have 3 pieces. 5″x22″, 5″x16″ and 5.5″x12.5″. It has been washed and dried. If you are looking for something similar Scrumptious Dot in Pink by Bonnie and Camille for Moda in pink is very similar. The Scrumptious is just a bit more vibrant.

      • Amanda,

        Thank you so much for all your help!! I found someone that has this fabric and she can sell me a yard 🙂 I appreciate the kind offer if scraps. Desperate times call for desperate measures? Haha!!

        Anyway thanks again so much!


      • Yay! I’m glad you found some! I know hard it is to go with another fabric when you have the perfect fabric in mind for something! I would love to see pictures of your creation when you are done!!!

        Happy sewing!

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