Happy thanksgiving to all my american friends

We are sort of celebrating here. We are watching the parade, making cookies and probably will eat  more than we should. We like to support our Southern friends. In honour of this day and the fact that most won’t be as mad about me talking about Christmas I’m going to share my wish list of holiday baking. We have one problem this year, we don’t have a deep freezer. Normally I bake up a storm and then freeze the stuff and pull out as needed. We don’t have the space for it. I have asked for a freezer for Christmas. That was the moment when I realized I was old. Appliances have made my wish list. Well… a Kitchen Aid Mixer was on my list when I was younger but really who doesn’t want a Kitchen Aid mixer? So here goes. I don’t promise that I will make them all but this is what I’m dreaming of. This is probably my last Christmas where I’m pregnant so it is probably the last time I can eat my weight in junk food and not feel as guilty about my expanding waist line.

  1. Rum balls (my favourite)
  2. Shortbread with sprinkles
  3. Fancy sugar cookies
  4. Cherry balls
  5. Peanut butter balls
  6. Yule log cake
  7. Gingerbread house
  8. Nanaimo bars
  9. Snowballs
  10. Spice Cookies

I’m sure there will be additions and subtractions. I need to really think about all my choices and pick wisely. The rum balls need to be done soon so they are properly aged. Mmmmmmm rum balls.


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