Fabric Mail

We haven’t had one of these in awhile! I’ve been good…. mostly.

So I have this lovely friend who is having a baby and she wanted this really cool crocheted blanket that she found on Etsy. So she asked if I could make it for her and because I love her so I said yes. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I had seen the blanket before and fell in love with it and wanted to make one anyway. Nope, that had no bearing on it. So she ordered the kit and had it sent to me! Lets face it when you see what you like trying to find your own yarn to match is a pain and you are never as happy as you are with the original.

From CreJJtion

It’s a beauty and the owner of the shop who made this pattern lives not 45 mins from me. So I feel like we are really making a local project here. Yesterday the yarn came in!

Beautiful Yarn

Beautiful Yarn.

I was so excited for this project that I got started right away. That and I’m scared that my baby is going to come at any moment and then I’m going to freak out and take forever to finish this!

It's a start!

It’s a start!


For Christmas I was given a virtual fabric gift card from my brother-in-law. Virtual as in it was money but I had to spend it on fabric…. NO PROBLEM! IMG_6174When you order things online it is very important to check and double check what you are ordering and where you are shipping it to. I may have put that I lived in Nunavut… which I don’t. However, the great people at UPS figured it out and got it to me in record time! As in I wasn’t expecting to get it for a week more at least. Another thing you should do when you order fabric is write down what each piece of fabric is for… still can’t seem to remember to do that. I may never learn!

So my faithful followers will be questioning my choice to buy new fabric when I have that to do list which I am suppose to finish before starting new projects… well it is all for holiday decorating around my house which is on my list of to do’s. So there.

First up Burlap!

IMG_6179It’s messy, it’s rustic, it’s perfect. There will be some festive valentine’s day buntings coming with this stuff as well as some additional projects over the year.

Next I have some solids. I hardly ever buy solids because while they are beautiful, they aren’t fun patterned. I almost feel bad for the solids now since I’ve neglected them so much!




I also got some co-ordinating prints because how can you not?



So this is where things get foggy.

I think I ordered these for Valentines day fun.

IMG_6189And then I ordered these for Easter fun. IMG_6188

But I can’t really remember exactly how it went in my mind. But I do know this, I love them all. These paired with fabrics I already have in my collection will make the house much more festive in the up coming months. Hopefully. I make no promises. If this new baby is like my first born then we are good to go. If they are the exact opposite, please come save me.


Please note that there wasn’t any flannel in this order. Not one piece! That is an accomplishment, if I do say so myself.

****Update: Do you remember my secret gifts? Here’s the post if you are fuzzy. Well my giftee loves them all! She told me a couple times how much she loved them. That makes me very happy!




Wordless Wednesday

So in an effort to make myself accountable for taking more pictures this year I’m going to try to start doing Wordless Wednesday’s where I post a bunch of pictures of my previous week. I need to force myself to take pictures of things other than my daughter too. She’s so cute you won’t mind if this week is heavy with pictures of her will you? My friend Bre is excellent at doing Wordless Wednesday’s and that is where I got the idea from. You should check out her great pictures here!

Dressed herself but can't get her pants over her diaper

Dressed herself but can’t get her pants over her diaper

Smoothie breakfast!

Smoothie breakfast!

Picking her own outfits and hair style is an adventure

Picking her own outfits and hair style is an adventure

Stealing blankets

Stealing blankets

Making Mom Coffee! Best kid ever!

Making Mom Coffee! Best kid ever!

Fine motor skills at their finest.

Fine motor skills at their finest.

Last week when I was 37 weeks!

Last week when I was 37 weeks!

Oh and I’m a cheater because I used a crap ton of words. It’s my blog and I can do what I want! Right?

Crossing stuff off the list!

The baby is on it’s way any time now and it won’t be more than 4 weeks. So I tackled some baby items on my list first.

First up was a new flannel rick rack blanket.

fabric front back My husband loves cycling (and golf, but you can’t find cute golf flannel) so I wanted to wrap our new baby in something their Dad is passionate about.

fabricThe retro bibycles and scooter’s are fun! If you love this there is one listed in my shop here. 

Have you ever looked at the price of bedding for a crib? If you want cute you are going to pay like $50 for one sheet! $50! That is insane! So I made my own. We do have other sheets from my daughter but I thought this baby deserved something new. I love this Wrenly Fabric from Free Spirit.

crib sheet


It’s bright, fun, non gender specific and I love it. Crib sheets are super easy to make and only took me maybe 30 mins and was only a fraction of the cost of expensive sheets.

We now have 2 diaper change areas. I tried to convince my husband that we could put one in the hallway and share with the 2 kids but he was a little resistant to that. So we bought a new change pad and re-purposed another piece of furniture. The change pad needed a cover and I ran into the same issue as with the crib sheet. I am not paying $40-$50 for a cover that I will most likely get poop and pee on! Not happening. So I made one from some chevrons and the Wrenly fabric from the crib. One thing I learned is that you really shouldn’t trust the measurements on internet tutorials…. just take a minute and measure what you are covering and then you won’t be making it twice.

change padSo those were 3 things crossed off my list. My Mum will also be happy that I spent a large amount of time on her quilt as well. I have no idea how I got so much sewing done last week (list stuff, process on the quilt and a couple gifts). I’m going to blame it on the nesting.




Secret Gifts

So I’m part of a couple different online Mom groups. They keep me sane most days and entertained the other days. I’m in a new group with a bunch of Mom’s who are having babies around the same time as I am. We have had some early ones and more and more baby’s are arriving daily, the pressure is on! So we have been doing a secret gift exchange. In October I received a lovely gift including some candy, a magazine and a brie cooker (I love brie)! I can’t tell you what I sent my secret person because she still doesn’t know who I am (I don’t think she stops by here but you never know). This is our second round so I made her a couple things and bought a couple things. This is what I made for her.

clothThere is nothing like super soft flannel washcloths for bath time with a new baby. I love the pattern on this flannel, I hope she does too!

stack clothsI also wanted to make her a snuggly blanket to wrap up her new bundle of joy!

minkyNothing like the softness of minky! I have to stop myself from making a adult sized minky blanket.

IMG_6158I love this fabric. The soft tones and elegance just make me happy. It is Serenade Thistle in pebble grey by Kate Spain for Moda. LOVE IT! This blanket is huge!

fullIt will be perfect for tummy time, wrapping the baby up and will be good for years to come! I can’t wait for my giftee to get it!






Radiant Star Quilt

My very excellent friend recently had the cutest little baby. I haven’t met her yet but I can’t wait to! So my friend requested a quilt, a radiant star quilt. I had never made one of those before. All my research that I did made me groan. Apparently they are very fussy quilts to make. Then I found Radiant Star Quilts  by Eleanor Burns. This book saved me. That Eleanor Burns make everything easy!

IMG_5944My friend has excellent choices in fabric. This was a lot of fun to make!

IMG_5946I didn’t know how to quilt it so I simply stitched in the ditch on diamonds on the star and then followed the outline of the star on the outside.

IMG_5948I really liked how it worked out. For the back I don’t like a single piece for the back so I did something fun with the scraps.



I hope the darling little girl gets many years of use out of it!




Happy Friday!

Ok, so it’s the end of the second week of January. I’ve been busy. I’ve kept on track. And I’ve been doing well on slowly changing things this year. I have started to take more pictures but I need to also find some time to work on my photography skills. My limited knowledge is frustrating.

Alice as dressed by herself.

Alice as dressed by herself.

From scratch this week has gone well except for the night my husband came home and I told him dinner was up to him so we had pizza and wings. We also may be ordering Five Guys Burgers for dinner…. grease coma here we come but our bellies will be happy.

Next week I will catch you up on some of the things I’m working on and show you what I have crossed off my list! I love crossing things off lists!!! Sometimes I add things to lists just to cross them off. It’s a problem.

I’ve been thinking about getting a bread maker so I can have fresh bread all the time. My husband thinks it is just as easy to make it by hand the old fashioned way. What do you think? Can you help a girl out with some great comments for me to show him?

Kicking Resolutions to the Curb!

Resolutions are a like ice cream on a hot day. Your resolve is great at the beginning and then it melts quickly. So this year I’m kicking concrete resolutions out! Instead I’m going to gradually change my life into something that I’m more comfortable with. So I have the following top 5 things to change this year.

  1. More from scratch, less from the box.
  2. Take more pictures.
  3. Make a home that you feel loved in.
  4. Stop trying to be perfect, flaws are more beautiful.
  5. Take the time to truly appreciate every blessing.


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