Happy New Year

I wish you all the happiest of New Years and hope that this year is practically perfect in every way.

Unfinished since my baby didn't have hair!

Unfinished since my baby didn’t have hair!

I’ve been MIA. Christmas does this to me. I get overwhelmed and underwhelmed moment to moment. I don’t think there was a moment that I was just whelmed… can you be just whelmed? After great plans of having THE MOST AMAZING CHRISTMAS EVER! It turned into a flop. I was too busy to do the things on my lists. I didn’t start Christmas baking until the weekend before and then we got sick. We all got horribly, terribly, awfully sick. We still have yet to see any family because we quarantined ourselves to our house. We did however enjoy a low key Christmas just as a small family. I even managed to make a turkey and all the fixings while feeling like death and it was only 2 hours late.

Unfinished since possibly 2011...

Unfinished since possibly 2011…

So here is to 2013! A whole new year of possibilities! A whole new year of first! A whole new year of the face of our family completely changing! My sister just had a lovely baby girl this past fall and I had forgotten the joy a baby brings to the family. My sister-in-law and I both have new babies arriving early this year. Our whole family is expanding at an alarming rate and I LOVE IT!

Unfinished since my belly was that little (yes that is little)

Unfinished since my belly was that little (yes that is little)

I have declared this year an old start. We have so much new going on that some old stuff is dragging me down. This year I vow not to take on any new projects until my old projects are done. Do you have a pile of unfinished business? I can often feel my started/incomplete projects weighing me down. When my wonderful husband and I went for pre-marriage counselling one of the questions that the pastor asked my husband was “does it bother you that your future wife has problems finishing things she has started?”. That question has stuck with me for the last almost 7 years and I think it is time I start to deal with it.

Unfinished since Spring 2012

Unfinished since Spring 2012

So how does this affect my shop you ask. Well to be honest my husband and I discussed this late November. His work schedule is going from crazy to insane this year, we are adding another child and the demands of an almost 2 year old would drive me to drink if it wasn’t for this beautiful baby cooking right now. So some of the stuff that I am finishing are things for the shop so they will be listed. I won’t be doing custom items except for gifts for friends and family so if you message me at the right time you may get lucky that I have a similar project on the go and it is just as easy to do 2 as it is 1. I’m pretty sure this year is going to be a year of survival.

Unfinished/unstarted since I signed up for a class on hand stitching..

Unfinished/unstarted since I signed up for a class on hand stitching..

Ok, so I am the worst at staying on task and finishing things which is obvious by the pastor’s comments. So I will be adding a new section to this blog with a list of my To Do’s! My goal is to finish one project per week. Exclusions include: +-

1) Weeks where a new baby appears in our house and probably the week or 2 following that. Or month following.

2) When I run out of small projects to complete along side the big projects or if I become wrapped up in a big project. I promise to post progress these weeks.

3) If I start to lose all sense of reality due to lack of sleep. Sewing machines are dangerous when handled while suffering extreme exhaustion.

4) The zombie apocalypse happens. (We may have been watching too much of The Walking Dead series right now)

Unfinished but my Mum needs to redecorate so needs to be done!

Unfinished but my Mum needs to redecorate so needs to be done!


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