Secret Gifts

So I’m part of a couple different online Mom groups. They keep me sane most days and entertained the other days. I’m in a new group with a bunch of Mom’s who are having babies around the same time as I am. We have had some early ones and more and more baby’s are arriving daily, the pressure is on! So we have been doing a secret gift exchange. In October I received a lovely gift including some candy, a magazine and a brie cooker (I love brie)! I can’t tell you what I sent my secret person because she still doesn’t know who I am (I don’t think she stops by here but you never know). This is our second round so I made her a couple things and bought a couple things. This is what I made for her.

clothThere is nothing like super soft flannel washcloths for bath time with a new baby. I love the pattern on this flannel, I hope she does too!

stack clothsI also wanted to make her a snuggly blanket to wrap up her new bundle of joy!

minkyNothing like the softness of minky! I have to stop myself from making a adult sized minky blanket.

IMG_6158I love this fabric. The soft tones and elegance just make me happy. It is Serenade Thistle in pebble grey by Kate Spain for Moda. LOVE IT! This blanket is huge!

fullIt will be perfect for tummy time, wrapping the baby up and will be good for years to come! I can’t wait for my giftee to get it!







5 thoughts on “Secret Gifts

  1. Love all of these goodies…but really commenting because I need to say:

    YOU MADE THAT CRIB SHEET DIDN’T YOU?! It looks like fabric I have been lusting after. I need a daughter, dangit!

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