Crossing stuff off the list!

The baby is on it’s way any time now and it won’t be more than 4 weeks. So I tackled some baby items on my list first.

First up was a new flannel rick rack blanket.

fabric front back My husband loves cycling (and golf, but you can’t find cute golf flannel) so I wanted to wrap our new baby in something their Dad is passionate about.

fabricThe retro bibycles and scooter’s are fun! If you love this there is one listed in my shop here. 

Have you ever looked at the price of bedding for a crib? If you want cute you are going to pay like $50 for one sheet! $50! That is insane! So I made my own. We do have other sheets from my daughter but I thought this baby deserved something new. I love this Wrenly Fabric from Free Spirit.

crib sheet


It’s bright, fun, non gender specific and I love it. Crib sheets are super easy to make and only took me maybe 30 mins and was only a fraction of the cost of expensive sheets.

We now have 2 diaper change areas. I tried to convince my husband that we could put one in the hallway and share with the 2 kids but he was a little resistant to that. So we bought a new change pad and re-purposed another piece of furniture. The change pad needed a cover and I ran into the same issue as with the crib sheet. I am not paying $40-$50 for a cover that I will most likely get poop and pee on! Not happening. So I made one from some chevrons and the Wrenly fabric from the crib. One thing I learned is that you really shouldn’t trust the measurements on internet tutorials…. just take a minute and measure what you are covering and then you won’t be making it twice.

change padSo those were 3 things crossed off my list. My Mum will also be happy that I spent a large amount of time on her quilt as well. I have no idea how I got so much sewing done last week (list stuff, process on the quilt and a couple gifts). I’m going to blame it on the nesting.





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