Fabric Mail

We haven’t had one of these in awhile! I’ve been good…. mostly.

So I have this lovely friend who is having a baby and she wanted this really cool crocheted blanket that she found on Etsy. So she asked if I could make it for her and because I love her so I said yes. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I had seen the blanket before and fell in love with it and wanted to make one anyway. Nope, that had no bearing on it. So she ordered the kit and had it sent to me! Lets face it when you see what you like trying to find your own yarn to match is a pain and you are never as happy as you are with the original.

From CreJJtion

It’s a beauty and the owner of the shop who made this pattern lives not 45 mins from me. So I feel like we are really making a local project here. Yesterday the yarn came in!

Beautiful Yarn

Beautiful Yarn.

I was so excited for this project that I got started right away. That and I’m scared that my baby is going to come at any moment and then I’m going to freak out and take forever to finish this!

It's a start!

It’s a start!


For Christmas I was given a virtual fabric gift card from my brother-in-law. Virtual as in it was money but I had to spend it on fabric…. NO PROBLEM! IMG_6174When you order things online it is very important to check and double check what you are ordering and where you are shipping it to. I may have put that I lived in Nunavut… which I don’t. However, the great people at UPS figured it out and got it to me in record time! As in I wasn’t expecting to get it for a week more at least. Another thing you should do when you order fabric is write down what each piece of fabric is for… still can’t seem to remember to do that. I may never learn!

So my faithful followers will be questioning my choice to buy new fabric when I have that to do list which I am suppose to finish before starting new projects… well it is all for holiday decorating around my house which is on my list of to do’s. So there.

First up Burlap!

IMG_6179It’s messy, it’s rustic, it’s perfect. There will be some festive valentine’s day buntings coming with this stuff as well as some additional projects over the year.

Next I have some solids. I hardly ever buy solids because while they are beautiful, they aren’t fun patterned. I almost feel bad for the solids now since I’ve neglected them so much!




I also got some co-ordinating prints because how can you not?



So this is where things get foggy.

I think I ordered these for Valentines day fun.

IMG_6189And then I ordered these for Easter fun. IMG_6188

But I can’t really remember exactly how it went in my mind. But I do know this, I love them all. These paired with fabrics I already have in my collection will make the house much more festive in the up coming months. Hopefully. I make no promises. If this new baby is like my first born then we are good to go. If they are the exact opposite, please come save me.


Please note that there wasn’t any flannel in this order. Not one piece! That is an accomplishment, if I do say so myself.

****Update: Do you remember my secret gifts? Here’s the post if you are fuzzy. Well my giftee loves them all! She told me a couple times how much she loved them. That makes me very happy!




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