‘Tis a fine day

It’s a great day to start sewing again. Working on my favourite block for my Mum’s quilt.

The best audience in the world.



Wordless Wednesday… not even close

I’ve been busy. Life is amazing and hard and stressful and never what you thought but still amazing.

February 1st I bought this. I wanted it, I craved it, I dreamed it and I want another one right now. Image

A fresh berry flan. Mmmmmm!!!!

February 2nd this happened.

IMG_0243Fast and furious Charlotte was added to our family.

DSC02744 (800x600)

A couple hours later Alice met her new baby sister for the first time. Her excited cries that there was a baby in the house were so sweet.

DSC02752 (800x600)

You can tell from the eyes that she is right sick. So she was sort of segregated from the baby.

DSC02747 (800x600)

She had to sit on her sick towel and not touch the baby. Pure torture for her! And then sickness spread in the house so baby and I checked into a nice hotel.


We enjoyed the luxury briefly and then she scared me and we ended up at the local children’s hospital. Do not fear I’m pretty sure I was more damaged by the occurrence as Charlotte slept the whole way to the hospital and was perfectly fine.  We did get to stay the night.

IMG_0252Cute little hospital cribs.

IMG_6210Poor Charlotte much like her big sister had trouble gaining weight so we got out the scale/spaghetti strainer again.  She is a champ though and has gained all her weight back plus a bunch in just over 2 weeks. Here is Alice in the same predicament.


The sister’s love each other.

IMG_0258Which will probably come and go over the years of them growing up together.

Also Alice has learned to occupy herself while I’m occupied with the baby.


Yogurt hair masks for all!!!!

So that is a small look at our month so far. I’m not sure where time has gone but it’s been full of laughs, tears, trips to the doctor for almost all of us and very little sleep. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I can’t wait to get back to sewing but I’m not sure when that will happen. My serger has been out of commission since the beginning of December and it looks like Mid March it may come back to me. I have tons I want to do but right now family is priority number 1, and getting everyone healthy again is priority number 2.