Fabric Mail!

So I ordered some fabric. I made the plunge and bought some organic fabric. I would love to work more with organic materials but the cost is prohibitive and the selection is a bit sparse. I had to order some other materials from a company who carries a lot of organic fabric so I thought why not get some because then shipping would be cheaper. That’s right shop more, pay less shipping! I LOVE IT! The shop is simplifi on Etsy. They are really close to the USA border so they will ship from either side.

I fell in love with some of the fabrics from Storyboek II by Jay-Cyn for Birch Fabrics.



To that I added in some fabrics from Fox Hollow by Monaluna and a white solid.

fox hollow

Put them together and I think they will work!




Ok you can stop reading now if breastfeeding logistics isn’t your thing.


So I’m a leaker. It’s pretty extreme. I’ve tried ‘everyone’s’ favourite brand but they don’t cut it for me. So the whole reason I was ordering from simplifi was to get some fabrics to make my own kick ass breast pads.  I got  bamboo/organic cotton velour, hemp/bamboo fleece and tencel/organic cotton fleece.

bamboo cotton


I had never heard of tencel before but it is a wood byproduct and I thought I would try it. I also bought some grey chevron PUL to make them waterproof.



I cant wait to make them and try them out. I will be looking for a few leaky boobs to try them out too. The best part was I got this free with my goodies!

purple velourPurple bamboo/organic cotton velour! Purple velour! Life is great!



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