Call out to you! YES YOU!

If you are questioning if I’m talking to you then please answer the following questions. If you answer yes to all of them then I am indeed talking to you. If you only answer yes to a few questions then yes, I may still be talking to you.

Are you reading this?

Do you like fabric?

Do you have cotton fabric in your house in any state?

Do you have cotton fabric in your house that is brightly coloured that you can use for a small project? (It could be old sheets, shirts, scraps etc)

Can you sew? (Be careful with this one. I’m not talking about being good at sewing. I’m saying ‘Hey can you sew two pieces of fabric together?’ I don’t care if it’s straight, done on a machine or by hand)

Do you have 20 extra minutes to sew a couple fabrics together?

Do you have enough money to mail a letter sized envelope to Canada?

I really want to do a collaborative project. I often hear that people can’t make a quilt and I think that is a lie. ALL LIES!!!!  So I am organizing an unskilled quilting community project. I’m looking for people who can sew a couple pieces of fabric together. Minimum size of 6″x6″. I doesn’t have to be more than 2 pieces of fabric. It doesn’t have to be square (I can take care of that). All it has to be is made with at least one bright colour and you can add in other fabric of your choice. There are many details to iron out but I’m just looking to see if there are those who want to be involved. If you are interested but lack any of the above (supplies, talent etc) let me know and we will work it out.

Have I ever posted about my love of community? I need to. Community makes my heart sing.

The finished quilt will be awarded by random draw to one lucky person who submitted a ‘block’. I’m also hoping that people will submit a photo or 5 of themselves with their ‘block’. Maybe even with a little local flavour.

If you are interested please leave a comment. If you know others who may be interested please share with them.  If you are scared to take part because you don’t think I’m talking to you or that you aren’t good enough, I just want to say you are wrong! I want your help!


Fabric Mail!

I have had a couple new idea’s for the shop and things I want for me or I should say the family. So I went fabric shopping! I knew that fabric was going to be delivered yesterday. We had been out of town for the weekend (which was a whole other story) and was excited to come home to it. I was sad when I got home and I didn’t see my box. Then I noticed that the UPS delivery person hid my box behind a bush. Well played UPS!

I resisted the urge to open the box that night because I was tired and feeling crappy. I also resisted the urge to open it in the morning. I waited until nap time. I do have will power! It just hides when cupcakes are near. (Side note… I had amazing cupcakes this weekend! My Mum’s friend makes cakes and she whipped up some cupcakes for us and they were fabulous!)

SO I wait until naptime and open the box and my heart sinks. “WHAT DID I DO!?!?!?”


**** Please excuse the wrinkly background. Need to iron. Who has time to iron?*****

mysteryI don’t remember ordering this. I quickly searched the packing list and breath a sigh of relief. I didn’t order this. I have nothing against this fabric. It’s pretty. It’s a canvasy material. I’m sure it would be perfect for a project of some sort. I just didn’t order it. Then I take a look at the box.

boxYep. I ordered these things. I could breathe easier. They didn’t send me someone elses box. I was so excited to dig through!

circleThese lovely circles are made of flannel. I LOVE FLANNEL! I’m running low on flannel wash cloths for the shop and these were a steal of a deal.  These are designed by Valori Wells (who I love!) for Free Spirit.

The next thing in the box was this collection! I’m soooooooooo excited by these prints!

setThese are from the collection Piper by Dear Stella. I’m in love! LOVE!

stripe purple maple creamBe excited, very excited to see what I’m doing with these. It isn’t earth shattering or anything but I’m excited so you should be too! I think if I could afford it I would buy a bolt of each of these fabrics. I could decorate a room based on these fabrics. I already want more!

Deep down I’m a hippie. I really would like to say everything in my house is eco friendly, recycled, uber crunchy you get the point. The thing is it’s expensive and time consuming. So anyway. I have been trying to get more and more organic stuff into the shop (which has nothing right now). So I got these!

stack heliAren’t those helicopter’s adorable? I’m in love!

jersyOrganic wrinkly Jersey! It’s not really wrinkly just wrinkled from being shipped crunched up. It just needs to be ironed.  I hate ironing.  I have many plans for you! Or maybe just one plan but it is a decent one.

So here is where my order goes off track again…..

IMG_6746Isn’t it pretty?

Look closer!

closeI don’t know many things but I do know those aren’t dots, or red. Can I say after 3 tries, a couple of phone calls that I have determined that Riley Blake’s Medium Dots in Red are a figment of my imagination (with a quote from Chasing Amy floating in my head but it is not appropriate for all audiences, specifically my Mum). This is stemming from my last fabric mail post . So we will try again!

Lastly we have this piece.

IMG_6779But it’s missing its friend so that is all I’m going to say about that.


I feel like I just need to say that I love They have great prices. They have usually an amazing selection if you get there first because the good stuff sells out quick! AND they have amazing customer service. Every time I call with an issue with an order they make it all better. I hardly ever have a problem with my orders and this order seems to be a one off of mistakes. I called and was only on hold for a short time. I told them what was wrong and with no questions asked the right things are being sent to me. As for the Riley Blake dots that has been a series of errors but I’m positive it will all be good in the end.













I’m pretty sure we have discussed how things happen to me that are bad, but then they are good if not great!

So my last post I withheld a truth. You may hate me for it. I’m ok with that.


These aren’t exactly what they seem. In fact one is an imposter! That’s right an IMPOSTER!
So the bottom dots. The big white dots on red fabric. Well they aren’t just cotton.


They are FLANNEL COTTON! I don’t recommend using flannel for bunting.

So my lovely order from included this flannel piece by accident (which is bad). I called them and this lovely lady apologized and is shipping me the cotton dots (Apology accepted). Then she told me I could keep the flannel piece. SCORE!

I think they sensed my dismay that I was putting in an order that did not include any flannel and then they gave me a piece just to satisfy my inner craving.

See bad, then good. I live a blessed life.


It’s been so long. Too long! I can’t let things go like this again. It’s bad for my soul. When things are bad for your soul you know that’s really bad. I should be nicer to my soul. I’ve only got one.

So first this stuff came in.


I know what some of you are thinking…. “Amanda, seriously what are you thinking? Those aren’t fun colours or patterns” A select few are saying “Sweet! I can’t wait until your project is done!” So lets play a guessing game. Those of you involved in this exchange please keep your yap shut. I say that lovingly. Ok maybe I don’t. Maybe I say it in a “be quiet or I’ll defriend you” kind of way. (Please do not fear, I rely on my Facebook friend count to make me feel secure about myself) So these are the colours plus a white and cream. They are felt from Prairie Point Junction ( and I love ordering from them. They are going to make food. What food do you think I’m going to make?

felt spread

Next fabric mail came with a disapproving look from the husband. He was home sick from work, with a man cold (do you feel sorry for me now? You should.). He opened the front door to spy on what was going on at the neighbour’s house as there was a construction rukus. He found a box on the doorstep. It’s his own fault for being home. If he wasn’t home I would have the fabric put away and all evidence destroyed. We had recently agreed to not spend money on stuff like fabric and golf clubs. I have not spent any money on golf clubs since we agreed to this. Well I have some orders that needed this stuff AND I just covered the costs with a recent hemp cloth selling blitz. So here is what I got.


Aren’t they pretty? spread

Birthday Buntings for everyone!!!!!


Photo by Jillian B Photography

Adorable child not included.

So if you want a bunting yell at me or something and I can add you to the list. Carrie and Katie YOU ARE ALREADY ON THE LIST STOP BUGGING ME! I’m just kidding. I love you both!

So bunting fabric was sponsored by hemp cloths. I’m big into using profits from one project to pay for the fabric of the next project and the profits from that project go to the next project and so on and so forth, ad nauseum. (I’m pretty sure most English major’s hate me. I’m ok with that.) These are a hemp/cotton blend and are about 9″ square. Love them! I’m almost out of hemp so I need to buy more but I’m going to switch suppliers I think.

close pile colour hemp cloth pileHemp love. I’ve got it. I once worked in a Hemp field. Did I ever tell you about that?

Say What?




Hey Mom did you know it was crazy hair day at daycare?





I don’t do crazy hair. I don’t do normal hair. I do hair that gets brushed once in a blue moon. (Please note the expression on my teenaged toddler… I’m in for it. BIG TIME! Currently this face may be described as “I smell something odd” but soon I know it will be replaced with “Mom why are you so lame?” By the way what is the new cool term for lame? Does that make me even lamer for asking that? )


This is what you get from me for crazy hair. Random ponytails.


She seems happy with it… and … AND… wait for it… They were still in when I picked her up at the end of the day!

exerThis one is unimpressed as normal. My kids judge me a lot. All the time I feel their glares and their internal thoughts of  “Really? Really Mom? Come on! Why would you think that was a good idea?”

mmmmAbove is a picture of CharChar’s first food… only I ate all the corn first. You’ve got to be quicker around here CharChar. You better learn quick!



Don’t come over unannounced!!!

Many things in the last 5 months have been said and forgotten by me. Sleep deprivation sneaks up on me. Most of the time I think I’m doing well (except for the times where I know all hell has broken loose). Brushing our teeth tonight my husband reminded me of one of the things I said recently. I don’t remember saying it but I think my subconscious listened.

Aside: I don’t like failing. I don’t like being told I’m not good enough. I especially don’t like being at the gym while everyone is doing perfect planks and my stomach won’t leave the ground. One very lovely person assured me that my abs have been doing another job for the last couple years so I shouldn’t be so angry with them right now. The break is over abs! GET BACK TO WORK!

So apparently in one of my sleep deprived moments I told my husband “I give up on house work. I can’t keep up and feel like I’m failing, so I’m just going to give it up.” I don’t remember saying this but this may be why I’ve been so zen about my disastrous house lately.

Don’t drop by and expect a clean house because I’ve given up on failing. Don’t expect a Christmas card from me either…. I fail at that every year. In case I forget MERRY CHRISTMAS 6 months early!

Soooooo lazy!

I’ve been too lazy to update my blog. Maybe lazy isn’t the word, busy may be better. Have we talked about my laziness yet? Some people will not agree with me but I am soooooo lazy. Given a choice to do what I want for the day I would sit on the couch and watch reruns of favourite shows all day long. I have to fight this laziness every day. I have this other issues called being an overachiever. I blame Martha Stewart. I want to do it all! I mean everything. So I have these two opposite forces inside my body and everyday they battle it out to see who wins. In the end everything looks scattered. (I’m just realizing that this post may hurt my future employment endeavors. So if you are reading this in the future and are considering hiring me everything I’m writing is lies, ALL LIES! Oh wait does that make it any better? Maybe just don’t hire me so I can sit on the couch and be lazy. OK?)


Warning to all those out there who are lazy who want to have 2 kids, I have learned that you can’t be lazy with 2 kids. With 1 you sort of could get around it. Like laying on the floor beside the child while they played and maybe napping. Now if I do that the other one is screaming, or wanting food or destroying something that will force me to be unlazy before the other parental unit gets home from work. Being a Mom of two also challenges the do everything side of me. I remember it taking me months to figure out how to get things down when I had my first. I wish someone told me it never got easier, you just got better at fitting 3 hours of work into a 45 min nap. Simulations naps are now my friend, my very rare friend that only occur if the stars align right and I have the luck of 10,000 Irish that day. Then I have to fight that lazy urge to make that short time of freedom work for me. Most days I start with a list and then at the end I weep as only .5 things have been scratched off and only a really, really good day maybe 2 things.


Compromise is something I have learned a lot about lately. As in I wanted to make strudel the other day so normally I would want to make the pastry from scratch and the filling from scratch. Instead I unrolled frozen puff pastry like a pro and made the filling from scratch. Part of me was screaming in horror as I did it but another part was screaming `You are a GENIUS!`. Lazy and over achiever all rolled into one nice little compromise!


So the point of this post is as follows:

1. I feel lazy but I am the most ambitious lazy person you will ever know.

2. It’s hard to get stuff done with 2 kids one of which is only 5 months old today (5 months! How does that happen?)

3. I want to be Martha Stewart but it won’t happen so I need to come to terms with this.

4.  I’m sewing again! It feels so good.  Newish things coming to the shop soon.

5. I’m procrastinating finishing this blog post so I can sit on the couch longer and pretend I’m being productive.

6. Thanks for coming back or stopping by for the first time.

7. My arms are sore from going to the gym (a great attempt at not being lazy and looking like some super model version of myself).

8. Check out my friend’s blog posts about an amazing group of Moms that I get to craft with… I guess I wasn’t all that lazy. ( Toddler Busy Bags Part 1 and Toddler Busy Bags Part 2)

9. Photos in blog post are totally random. Too lazy to find relevant pictures. Grandma`s will be happy with any picture of adorable grandkids so I cater to them today.

10. (Every list should go to 10…. says the overachiever) I did not dress my children the same. Miss Alice chose outfits that day, so she can`t blame me in the future… it`s all her own fault.