Soooooo lazy!

I’ve been too lazy to update my blog. Maybe lazy isn’t the word, busy may be better. Have we talked about my laziness yet? Some people will not agree with me but I am soooooo lazy. Given a choice to do what I want for the day I would sit on the couch and watch reruns of favourite shows all day long. I have to fight this laziness every day. I have this other issues called being an overachiever. I blame Martha Stewart. I want to do it all! I mean everything. So I have these two opposite forces inside my body and everyday they battle it out to see who wins. In the end everything looks scattered. (I’m just realizing that this post may hurt my future employment endeavors. So if you are reading this in the future and are considering hiring me everything I’m writing is lies, ALL LIES! Oh wait does that make it any better? Maybe just don’t hire me so I can sit on the couch and be lazy. OK?)


Warning to all those out there who are lazy who want to have 2 kids, I have learned that you can’t be lazy with 2 kids. With 1 you sort of could get around it. Like laying on the floor beside the child while they played and maybe napping. Now if I do that the other one is screaming, or wanting food or destroying something that will force me to be unlazy before the other parental unit gets home from work. Being a Mom of two also challenges the do everything side of me. I remember it taking me months to figure out how to get things down when I had my first. I wish someone told me it never got easier, you just got better at fitting 3 hours of work into a 45 min nap. Simulations naps are now my friend, my very rare friend that only occur if the stars align right and I have the luck of 10,000 Irish that day. Then I have to fight that lazy urge to make that short time of freedom work for me. Most days I start with a list and then at the end I weep as only .5 things have been scratched off and only a really, really good day maybe 2 things.


Compromise is something I have learned a lot about lately. As in I wanted to make strudel the other day so normally I would want to make the pastry from scratch and the filling from scratch. Instead I unrolled frozen puff pastry like a pro and made the filling from scratch. Part of me was screaming in horror as I did it but another part was screaming `You are a GENIUS!`. Lazy and over achiever all rolled into one nice little compromise!


So the point of this post is as follows:

1. I feel lazy but I am the most ambitious lazy person you will ever know.

2. It’s hard to get stuff done with 2 kids one of which is only 5 months old today (5 months! How does that happen?)

3. I want to be Martha Stewart but it won’t happen so I need to come to terms with this.

4.  I’m sewing again! It feels so good.  Newish things coming to the shop soon.

5. I’m procrastinating finishing this blog post so I can sit on the couch longer and pretend I’m being productive.

6. Thanks for coming back or stopping by for the first time.

7. My arms are sore from going to the gym (a great attempt at not being lazy and looking like some super model version of myself).

8. Check out my friend’s blog posts about an amazing group of Moms that I get to craft with… I guess I wasn’t all that lazy. ( Toddler Busy Bags Part 1 and Toddler Busy Bags Part 2)

9. Photos in blog post are totally random. Too lazy to find relevant pictures. Grandma`s will be happy with any picture of adorable grandkids so I cater to them today.

10. (Every list should go to 10…. says the overachiever) I did not dress my children the same. Miss Alice chose outfits that day, so she can`t blame me in the future… it`s all her own fault.


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