Don’t come over unannounced!!!

Many things in the last 5 months have been said and forgotten by me. Sleep deprivation sneaks up on me. Most of the time I think I’m doing well (except for the times where I know all hell has broken loose). Brushing our teeth tonight my husband reminded me of one of the things I said recently. I don’t remember saying it but I think my subconscious listened.

Aside: I don’t like failing. I don’t like being told I’m not good enough. I especially don’t like being at the gym while everyone is doing perfect planks and my stomach won’t leave the ground. One very lovely person assured me that my abs have been doing another job for the last couple years so I shouldn’t be so angry with them right now. The break is over abs! GET BACK TO WORK!

So apparently in one of my sleep deprived moments I told my husband “I give up on house work. I can’t keep up and feel like I’m failing, so I’m just going to give it up.” I don’t remember saying this but this may be why I’ve been so zen about my disastrous house lately.

Don’t drop by and expect a clean house because I’ve given up on failing. Don’t expect a Christmas card from me either…. I fail at that every year. In case I forget MERRY CHRISTMAS 6 months early!


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