Say What?




Hey Mom did you know it was crazy hair day at daycare?





I don’t do crazy hair. I don’t do normal hair. I do hair that gets brushed once in a blue moon. (Please note the expression on my teenaged toddler… I’m in for it. BIG TIME! Currently this face may be described as “I smell something odd” but soon I know it will be replaced with “Mom why are you so lame?” By the way what is the new cool term for lame? Does that make me even lamer for asking that? )


This is what you get from me for crazy hair. Random ponytails.


She seems happy with it… and … AND… wait for it… They were still in when I picked her up at the end of the day!

exerThis one is unimpressed as normal. My kids judge me a lot. All the time I feel their glares and their internal thoughts of  “Really? Really Mom? Come on! Why would you think that was a good idea?”

mmmmAbove is a picture of CharChar’s first food… only I ate all the corn first. You’ve got to be quicker around here CharChar. You better learn quick!




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