It’s been so long. Too long! I can’t let things go like this again. It’s bad for my soul. When things are bad for your soul you know that’s really bad. I should be nicer to my soul. I’ve only got one.

So first this stuff came in.


I know what some of you are thinking…. “Amanda, seriously what are you thinking? Those aren’t fun colours or patterns” A select few are saying “Sweet! I can’t wait until your project is done!” So lets play a guessing game. Those of you involved in this exchange please keep your yap shut. I say that lovingly. Ok maybe I don’t. Maybe I say it in a “be quiet or I’ll defriend you” kind of way. (Please do not fear, I rely on my Facebook friend count to make me feel secure about myself) So these are the colours plus a white and cream. They are felt from Prairie Point Junction (http://www.prairiepointjunction.com/) and I love ordering from them. They are going to make food. What food do you think I’m going to make?

felt spread

Next fabric mail came with a disapproving look from the husband. He was home sick from work, with a man cold (do you feel sorry for me now? You should.). He opened the front door to spy on what was going on at the neighbour’s house as there was a construction rukus. He found a fabric.com box on the doorstep. It’s his own fault for being home. If he wasn’t home I would have the fabric put away and all evidence destroyed. We had recently agreed to not spend money on stuff like fabric and golf clubs. I have not spent any money on golf clubs since we agreed to this. Well I have some orders that needed this stuff AND I just covered the costs with a recent hemp cloth selling blitz. So here is what I got.


Aren’t they pretty? spread

Birthday Buntings for everyone!!!!!


Photo by Jillian B Photography http://www.jillianbphotography.com/

Adorable child not included.

So if you want a bunting yell at me or something and I can add you to the list. Carrie and Katie YOU ARE ALREADY ON THE LIST STOP BUGGING ME! I’m just kidding. I love you both!

So bunting fabric was sponsored by hemp cloths. I’m big into using profits from one project to pay for the fabric of the next project and the profits from that project go to the next project and so on and so forth, ad nauseum. (I’m pretty sure most English major’s hate me. I’m ok with that.) These are a hemp/cotton blend and are about 9″ square. Love them! I’m almost out of hemp so I need to buy more but I’m going to switch suppliers I think.

close pile colour hemp cloth pileHemp love. I’ve got it. I once worked in a Hemp field. Did I ever tell you about that?


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