I’m pretty sure we have discussed how things happen to me that are bad, but then they are good if not great!

So my last post I withheld a truth. You may hate me for it. I’m ok with that.


These aren’t exactly what they seem. In fact one is an imposter! That’s right an IMPOSTER!
So the bottom dots. The big white dots on red fabric. Well they aren’t just cotton.


They are FLANNEL COTTON! I don’t recommend using flannel for bunting.

So my lovely order from fabric.com included this flannel piece by accident (which is bad). I called them and this lovely lady apologized and is shipping me the cotton dots (Apology accepted). Then she told me I could keep the flannel piece. SCORE!

I think they sensed my dismay that I was putting in an order that did not include any flannel and then they gave me a piece just to satisfy my inner craving.

See bad, then good. I live a blessed life.


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