Call out to you! YES YOU!

If you are questioning if I’m talking to you then please answer the following questions. If you answer yes to all of them then I am indeed talking to you. If you only answer yes to a few questions then yes, I may still be talking to you.

Are you reading this?

Do you like fabric?

Do you have cotton fabric in your house in any state?

Do you have cotton fabric in your house that is brightly coloured that you can use for a small project? (It could be old sheets, shirts, scraps etc)

Can you sew? (Be careful with this one. I’m not talking about being good at sewing. I’m saying ‘Hey can you sew two pieces of fabric together?’ I don’t care if it’s straight, done on a machine or by hand)

Do you have 20 extra minutes to sew a couple fabrics together?

Do you have enough money to mail a letter sized envelope to Canada?

I really want to do a collaborative project. I often hear that people can’t make a quilt and I think that is a lie. ALL LIES!!!!  So I am organizing an unskilled quilting community project. I’m looking for people who can sew a couple pieces of fabric together. Minimum size of 6″x6″. I doesn’t have to be more than 2 pieces of fabric. It doesn’t have to be square (I can take care of that). All it has to be is made with at least one bright colour and you can add in other fabric of your choice. There are many details to iron out but I’m just looking to see if there are those who want to be involved. If you are interested but lack any of the above (supplies, talent etc) let me know and we will work it out.

Have I ever posted about my love of community? I need to. Community makes my heart sing.

The finished quilt will be awarded by random draw to one lucky person who submitted a ‘block’. I’m also hoping that people will submit a photo or 5 of themselves with their ‘block’. Maybe even with a little local flavour.

If you are interested please leave a comment. If you know others who may be interested please share with them.  If you are scared to take part because you don’t think I’m talking to you or that you aren’t good enough, I just want to say you are wrong! I want your help!


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