Stressed to the Max!

Ok that may be a little dramatic. BUT I have been stressing a bit about the 2 very large quilts that are almost ready for quilting. HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS!?!?! I have really nice Husqvarna Sapphire sewing machine which rocks out smaller quilts no problem but these are 2 King sized quilts! Forget about the quilting part how am I going to lay these out and sandwich the batting and layers? Do I have a space big enough for this? How many cans of spray adhesive would I need? Or how many safety pins. STRESSED! It doesn’t help when my Mum calls (Hi Mum!) and says “How are you going to quilt that?” Thanks Mum! How am I going to do that?

IMG_0221.JPG (2)

So I started googling and figuring out if I would just have to sell my first born or both of my kids to afford a long arm quilter or someone to quilt them for me. (I’m joking, I would never sell my kids… maybe my husband but not my kids). Holy Hannah those machines are pricey! So then I started googling how to do this on a normal machine! Enter Kenneth Lund.


So Ken has made this quilt frame system that uses your machine and basically turns it into a system where you can quilt almost any sized quilt.  Check out his webiste for more pictures and info You really need to take a moment to check out one of Ken’s video’s here.  He really is endearing and really wants to bring quilting to the masses. He has some great shirts too!


This would fix my problem of basting because it is all done on the frame! It will also fix my problem of trying to move these huge quilts around while I quilt them. So I’m going to order one! I also found some great tips from others all about how to make these frames work even better! I’m super excited to try it out. This is what comes in the kit and then you buy some inexpensive supplies to finish it off. 

Here’s Ken with a machine and quilt all hooked up. Hi Ken! I hope you don’t mind I’m using your pictures!

Ken lund from his youtube video





9 thoughts on “Stressed to the Max!

    • I suspect that I’m going to love it too! My least favourite part of quilting is fighting with the quilt to move while I’m quilting it. I hope this frees up my creative abilities!!!!! Any tips for attaching the quilt?

      • There are some good videos on you tube that help. They are for different frames but they all work pretty much the same. I have a half drafted post on using the quilting frame, how about I dig it out and finish it off for you in the next few days?

      • I will checkout YouTube. Thank you. I would really appreciate you finishing that post, no hurry though. I still have to finish the quilt top and get the rest of my supplies for my frame.

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    • Hi Sue! I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t used it yet. I keep meaning to get the last pieces I need for it but seem to lack the time. I’m hoping to get it together over Christmas.

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